Taylor Swift Using App To “Avoid Awkward Run-Ins” With Harry Styles?! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Taylor Swift App Avoid Harry Styles

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift App Avoid Harry Styles

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Taylor Swift is NOT using an app to “avoid awkward run-ins” with Harry Styles, despite a ridiculous report from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claim. We’re told it’s “absolutely false.”

The story can be found in the pages of Life & Style, which alleges in its new issue that Swift is capitalizing on the “SUP” app. While the program is typically used to “alert users when friends are nearby,” the magazine claims Swift is “using it to let her know when she’s close to Styles so she can run the other way.” A so-called “source” explains, “Although the app doesn’t show her Harry’s exact location, it does send Taylor an alert when he is nearby.”

“Taylor will get an alert if Harry comes within 2,000 yards of her,” continues the supposed snitch. And that’s not all. The alleged tipster even claims Styles is using the app, too… “to make sure he doesn’t run into Taylor’s current man, Calvin Harris!”

But Gossip Cop can poke a giant hole in the tabloid’s claims. According to SUP’s own site, “SUP is currently available in Singapore and will be in other major cities in 2016.” So Swift and Styles can’t possibly be using the app for tracking in the U.S. or London if it only works in Asia.

While that’s a major “oops” on Life & Styles part, Gossip Cop still investigated the allegation further, and we’re told the report is indeed 100 percent “false.” Talk about “awkward!”


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