Taylor Swift Upset Adele Performing Super Bowl Halftime Show?

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Taylor Swift Adele Super Bowl Halftime Show

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Adele Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Taylor Swift upset about Adele performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show? That’s a claim coming from the tabloids. But Gossip Cop can reveal it’s far from accurate.

“Taylor’s Super Bowl Tantrum” reads a headline from Star, which writes, “Talk about a sneak play. Taylor Swift was left seething after finding out that Adele was the top choice to perform at the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show — not her.” Regurgitating’s Adele recent statements about turning down the gig, the magazine writes, “That was news to Taylor, who assumed she was the NFL’s first round pick.”

A so-called “football insider” is quoted as saying, “Taylor threw a fit and said she was nobody’s sloppy seconds — she’s now refusing to perform at all. But she’s such an attention hog no one would be surprised if she changed her mind.” So, after setting up a story about Swift NOT performing at the Super Bowl, the outlet was sure to include that last line as a cover in case they’re wrong.

But the publication is wrong regardless. According to officials, Adele was never actually given a formal offer to perform at the halftime show. Rather, she was one of multiple music acts being looked at as a possibility.

Swift, of course, knows how this business works far more than Star, and would have known that. Furthermore, the annual halftime performance is sponsored by Pepsi. That makes the chances of the superstar, a Diet Coke spokeswoman, doing an event for a rival company slim to none.

Again, Swift would be well aware of this conflict. So, given these two issues, the tabloid’s assertion that she was upset about Adele getting the gig (she didn’t) instead of her (she probably can’t anyway) just doesn’t hold up. Still, Gossip Cop looked into the allegation, and we’re told the magazine’s version of events is “off base.”

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