Taylor Swift “Begging” Tom Hiddleston For Acting Lessons?

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Taylor Swift Acting Lessons Tom Hiddleston

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Acting Lessons Tom Hiddleston

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Is Taylor Swift “begging” Tom Hiddleston to give her acting lessons? That’s a claim that surfaced online this week. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation, and here’s what we found out.

RadarOnline announces, “Play Date! Taylor Swift Begs Tom Hiddleston To Teach Her How To Act.” The site writes that while Swift is “known for using her past boyfriends as inspiration for her lyrics, she’s “found another use for her new guy, actor Tom Hiddleston.” It’s claimed, “Swift is taking full advantage of the thespian’s skills by making him give her acting lessons.”

“Taylor’s always wanted to cross over into movies, but the only feature-length films she gets offered are tied to her music career,” a so-called “friend” is quoted as saying. It’s then alleged that Swift is “intensely jealous” of Nick Jonas’ work on the TV show “Kingdom,” but the piece goes on to contradict itself by saying the singer “’has no interest’ in anything that isn’t a major movie deal.”

The supposed tipster tells the site, “Taylor really hopes to hone her acting talent and land a proper dramatic role.” In fact, it’s even claimed, “Taylor always wanted to be an actress rather than a singer,” and now “with Tom sharing his secrets, that dream might come true.” The outlet’s alleged snitch adds, “He thinks she’s got genuine talent and could be known for her screen work one day.”

But it doesn’t take much research to know that this story is flawed. Swift didn’t “always” want to be an actress instead of a singer. She specifically moved to Nashville as a teen to become a songwriter, not to Hollywood for an acting career.

And while this report makes it sound like Swift doesn’t have a clue about acting, she had a supporting role in Valentine’s Day back in 2010, six years before Hiddleston ever entered the picture. Not to mention that the songstress has also shown off her acting skills on “SNL.”

In any case, Gossip Cop has learned that Swift remains focused on music. The claim she’s “begging” Hiddleston for acting lessons is “not true,” we’re exclusively told.

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Taylor Swift is begging Tom Hiddleston for acting lessons.

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