Taylor Lautner Tells Jesse Palmer I Watch “The Bachelor” – WATCH VIDEO!

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Taylor Lautner Jesse Palmer Video GMA

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Lautner Jesse Palmer Video GMA


Taylor Lautner made an unexpected confession on Friday’s “GMA,” and made it to an even more surprising person. The actor told Jesse Palmer, former star of “The Bachelor,” that he’s actually a fan of the show. Watch below!

The admission came as Lautner was on “Good Morning America” to promote his Netflix comedy series, “Cuckoo.” Palmer, who was the “Bachelor” during the ABC reality series’ fifth season back in 2004, even teased that it was a “bombshell confession.” Lautner’s revelation was prompted after the “GMA” correspondent asked about a typical day in his life was like.

“When I’m not working, you know, [I’m] playing sports with my buddies, watching ‘The Bachelor,'” he revealed, prompting Palmer to quip, “I’ve heard of that show.” Lautner even went on to say, “I definitely — I’ve got my viewing parties.”

Both men then said they were “turning red” as they dissolved into a fit of giggles. “We’re sharing this moment together,” Palmer cracked about their mutual embarrassment. He went on to joke that they now had a “little bit of a bromance going on.”

Lautner also addressed his Twilight fame when Palmer wondered if he “worried a role like that could pigeonhole you.” The star replied, “It’s kind of why I want to choose things that are different.” Check out the full interview below!


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