Taylor Kinney NOT “Jealous” Of Lady Gaga’s Success, Despite Report

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Taylor Kinney Jealous Lady Gaga Success

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Kinney Jealous Lady Gaga Success

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Taylor Kinney is NOT “jealous” of Lady Gaga’s success, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story, which can be found in the pages of this week’s tabloids.

According to Star, Kinney became a “real green-eyed monster” after Gaga received a Golden Globe nomination for “American Horror Story: Hotel” earlier this month. “Taylor’s trying to be happy for her, but frankly it’s been hard,” a so-called “source” claims.

The magazine goes on to note the “10 films and 15 television shows Taylor has appeared in since he arrived in Hollywood, and quotes its “source” as saying, “He’s been in the business for years! But when Gaga decides to try her hand at acting — on a whim — she lands one of the most prestigious awards nominations there is for her first role? His ego has definitely taken a hit at home.”

And once again, so has Star’s credibility. Not to take away from Gaga’s honor, but the Hollywood Foreign Press Association often rewards celebrities over talent (look no further than Johnny Depp scoring a nod for the critically-panned The Tourist). Second, Gaga didn’t just decide to try acting “on a whim.” The pop star actually studied the craft before her big music breakout.

Third, “American Horror Story” was not Gaga’s first professional role considering she made her film debut in 2013. Lastly, Kinney is nothing if not supportive of his fiancée. He has repeatedly spoken highly about Gaga’s turn on “American Horror Story” in interviews, and accompanied her to the Billboard “Women in Music” event earlier this month, where she was named “Woman of the Year.”

Gaga even posted a sweet photo on Instagram afterward (see above), writing, “He said, ‘Honey you’re always my Woman of the Year.'” That sounds like a man proud of his girl’s success, not jealous of it. It’s also worth noting that it was Star that claimed in 2013 that Gaga was “aiming to trade her grueling tour schedule for an acting career so she can build a more stable life” with Kinney. The tabloid still can’t get it right.


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