Taraji P. Henson, Jimmy Fallon Play “Drinko” On “Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Taraji P Henson Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Taraji P Henson Jimmy Fallon Video


Taraji P. Henson and Jimmy Fallon played a hilarious, gross game of “Drinko” on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch below!

Henson was on the late-night program to promote the return of “Empire,” and also spoke about her amazing experience with Hidden Figures. But in addition to sitting for the typical chat, she also joined Fallon for a Plinko-inspired drinking game. Like the classic “Price Is Right” stunt, they had to drop discs on a peg board.

But they weren’t playing for money. Instead, they hoped their discs would land in one of the tasty beverages sitting at the bottom of the board. And since this episode took place on March 17, it was all St. Patrick’s Day-themed. So, the options included Irish coffee, Guinness, and Shamrock Shake, but also less-than-appetizing drinks like cabbage juice and potato water.

Unfortunately for Henson, her first disc went right into the cabbage juice cup. Understandably, she was not thrilled, but an amused Fallon fell on the floor laughing. She fared better the second time around, scoring a cup of Jameson. Still, mixing them together certainly wasn’t ideal, but the actress, ever the sport, drank up anyway.

“That’s gonna give me gas,” she announced after drinking it all in one shot. What happened when it was Fallon’s turn? Check out the video below!


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