Taraji P. Henson “GMA” Video On “Empire” And “Around The Way Girl” Memoir

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Taraji P Henson GMA Video

By Shari Weiss |

Taraji P Henson GMA Video


Taraji P. Henson opened up about “Empire,” her new memoir, and more on Tuesday’s “GMA.” Check out the video below!

Henson appeared on “Good Morning America” for two lengthy segments, the first of which began with the actress passing out cookies. “Whenever I have cookies, I pass them out. I guess that’s my job now,” she quipped. As for the character Cookie, Henson said she “loves” what’s in store for season three of the Fox hit.

“You’re finding a calmer Cookie. She’s co-CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. She can’t slap people anymore. She has to be very diplomatic,” Henson shared. “So I love that. It’s going to be great for the audience to see her struggle to bite her tongue when people come for her.”

Henson had laughs with Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan, both of whom dressed up as Cookie for Halloween last year. The actress was also invited to partake in the morning show’s roundtable discussion on various topics. Inspired by one of the stories, the Emmy nominee joked she would make business cards saying, “Yes, I play Cookie on TV. No, I am not Cookie right now. When you call me Cookie, it reminds me of work. Please call me Taraji, unless you’re on the set of ‘Empire.'”

After a break, Henson had a one-on-one chat with Roberts about her book, Around The Way Girl. While the title is a nod to an LL Cool J song, the star explained, “I’m just a girl from around the way who had a dream. And with hard work, never giving up on myself, and hav[ing] faith and love of my family, I made my dreams come true. So I wanted this to resonate with everyone who feels like they’re just around the way.”

“God put me on the stage, and he gave me the mic,” Henson said. “What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do with this moment in life? How am I going to inspire other people?” She went on to reveal the memoir was in the works before Cookie became a “phenomenon,” but now with the increased attention, the actress became “scared” to share some of her “most personal, vulnerable moments in life.”

Convinced not to “back out,” the book also serves as a tribute to Henson’s family. “Cookie’s based off my dad,” Henson confessed. “Everyone thinks she’s from a woman, but no, my dad. He was so candid and not afraid to live in his truth. I think that’s how we all should be.”

Henson went on to discuss her upcoming movie, Hidden Figures, about the real-life black female scientists who greatly contributed to the space race. “They will be hidden no more,” she declared. Watch below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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