Tara Reid: I’m NOT Having A “Breakdown,” Despite Report

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Tara Reid weight breakdown

By Holly Nicol |

Tara Reid weight breakdown

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Tara Reid is NOT headed for a “breakdown,” despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. She says it’s all “made up.”

“Fears For Pin-Thin Tara Reid,” blares an alarming headline in this week’s Star magazine, which alleges Reid is at her “lowest point in years” following the publishing of photos of her slender figure at the Maxim Halloween party. A so-called “source” tells the outlet, “Tara’s 5 foot 5 and says she’s 115 pounds, but she can’t be more than 90 pounds.” “She buys most of her clothes in girls’ sizes — size zero just falls off her,” contends the tabloid’s alleged insider.

The publication goes on to claim her “startling silhouette” is no accident, and quotes its questionable source as further alleging Reid “starved herself for the Maxim party,” and knew it would be the “best way to get attention.” What’s more, the magazine says the actress’s loved ones are concerned that her “demons” are getting the best of her, and fear she could be headed for a “breakdown.” “If she keeps living off alcohol, her organs are going to give out,” concludes the tabloid’s unnamed “source,” adding, “She’s in bad shape.”

Gossip Cop looked into this, and Reid herself exclusively tells us the outlet’s allegations are “so stupid.” “I eat all the time, and have been the same weight forever.” She also assures us none of her friends would speak to Star, and believes the magazine’s claim that her friends fear she’ll have a “breakdown” is completely “made up.” More importantly, Reid feels, “This body shaming has to stop!” Gossip Cop couldn’t agree more.

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Tara Reid is just 90 pounds and having a breakdown.


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