Tara Reid NOT Anorexic And Refusing To Eat, Despite Report

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Tara Reid Anorexic Skinny

By Andrew Shuster |

Tara Reid Anorexic Skinny

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Tara Reid is NOT suffering from anorexia and refusing to eat, despite a bogus tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. The actress herself told us it’s completely false.

According to OK!, Reid’s friends are supposedly worried about her well-being because she allegedly “lives on a diet of alcohol” and rarely eats food. A so-called “pal” of the actress tells the magazine, “She might have a handful of almonds or a protein shake, but she gets the rest of her calories from booze.” The outlet’s dubious source adds, “She’s skin and bones, except her stomach is bloated from all the drinking. It’s like she has a death wish.”

The tabloid’s seemingly nonexistent insider further purports that Reid is “in desperate need of help, but her friends are tired of dealing with it,” adding, “When she drinks, she’s so erratic, it’s like she’s a different person.” The “source” also alleges that the actress’s family has tried to intervene, “but anytime someone says something, she flips out and cuts them off. Her health is now in real danger and she’s only got herself to blame.”

But earlier this month, Gossip Cop called out OK!’s sister publication, Star, when it made a similarly false claim about Reid being headed for a “breakdown.” The actress herself exclusively told us the magazine’s story was “so stupid,” and added, “I eat all the time, and have been the same weight forever. This body shaming has to stop!” Nothing has changed in the time since, despite OK!’s insistence on recycling this phony narrative about the actress.

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Tara Reid is anorexic and refuses to eat.


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