Tamron Hall, Scott Baio Video: Watch Tense MSNBC Interview

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Tamron Hall Scott Baio Video

By Shari Weiss |

Tamron Hall Scott Baio Video


Tamron Hall and Scott Baio had a tense exchange on Tuesday during an interview on MSNBC. Watch below.

Baio, an outspoken Donald Trump supporter and Hillary Clinton critic, spoke at the Republican National Convention on Monday night. Still in Cleveland, he joined Hall for a live interview about the event and the upcoming election. The news anchor used the opportunity to call Baio out for tweeting a meme that essentially called Clinton the c-word.

The segment began pleasant enough with a joke about Melania Trump’s alleged plagiarism, before Baio explained his “make America America again” slogan. Subsequent topics included socialism and private healthcare, and the actor acknowledged he doesn’t agree with Trump on “everything.” Hall then brought up the controversial tweet.

“Did you think about that in church?” she asked him. Baio said he was just “offering it up,” to which Hall shot back, “But you know what it meant when you tweeted it.” She went on, “You’re writing your speech in church, you talk about religion coming back to this country and us having a moral barometer. Where was your moral compass when you put a photo of a woman that you disagree politically?”

Baio stressed that he didn’t actually “call” Clinton “anything,” and told Hall, “The fact that you questioned my faith [for] putting up a picture is not nice.” The journalist wasn’t done, though. She then mentioned an old tweet the former “Charles in Charge” star sent about Michelle Obama’s appearance, and questioned why he blocked her on social media even before this interview.

“That might’ve been a mistake,” Baio said, before addressing his disparaging remark about the First Lady. “That tweet was a joke,” he told Hall, to which she asked, “But does joking about a woman that way make America America again?” The dynamic only became more combative when Baio accused Hall of bringing race into it.

She told him, “I do this for a living. You can’t chop my words up.” And Baio even said to her at one point, “I let you talk, [now] let me talk.” To their credit, though, they shook hands and smiled at the end. Check out the full video below.

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