Sylvester Stallone Sneaks Into ‘Creed’ Screening On Thanksgiving — WATCH!

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Sylvester Stallone Creed Thanksgiving

By Andrew Shuster |

Sylvester Stallone Creed Thanksgiving

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Sylvester Stallone snuck into a Los Angeles movie theater on Thanksgiving to watch Creed alongside an audience who had no idea the movie star was in attendance. Watch the video below!

Creed is the new sequel/spinoff to Stallone’s classic Rocky franchise. In the film, Rocky Balboa (Stallone) has retired from boxing, but becomes the trainer of Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), the son of his former opponent Apollo Creed.

Stallone filmed himself waiting in a stairwell at the ArcLight theater along with his wife Jennifer Flavin, and a few security guards. He said into the camera, “We’re sneaking in to see Creed without the audience knowing it. So beware.” One of the people on Stallone’s security team then informed him, “The trailers ended,” meaning the lights in the auditorium had gone down and it was now safe for Stallone to walk in unnoticed.

It’s not totally uncommon for a star to sneak into a screening of their own movie. Many celebrities have copped to walking incognito into a showing of one of their films to get a glimpse of how the audience is reacting to the movie. Watch Stallone’s Twitter video in which he films himself sneaking into a screening of Creed, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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