Susan Sarandon Praises Bernie Sanders On “The View,” Slams Hillary Clinton

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Susan Sarandon Bernie Sanders The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Susan Sarandon Bernie Sanders The View Video


Susan Sarandon reiterated her support for “authentic” Bernie Sanders on “The View” on Tuesday, and once again took issue with Hillary Clinton. Check out the video below.

The actress has been increasingly outspoken in recent weeks about the 2016 election, particularly the fight for the Democratic nomination. And she didn’t mince words during her live interview, revealing there’s been “pressure” to join Clinton’s campaign. “The idea of a woman president, I know will happen,” Sarandon said. “And I hope someday it can be the daughter of someone who’s not rich, who’s not married to someone who was a president, that that can happen in this country.”

Co-host Raven-Symone wondered if there are Sanders supporters who are in the “closet” about their allegiance, and Sarandon said, “Absolutely. Because if you’re a woman, everyone dumps on you — ‘How can you be a feminist [and not support Hillary]?’ You don’t want to have that conversation.”

Sarandon admitted she used to be “hesitant” to talk politics, and confessed that it was Marlo Thomas who helped her realize the power of her status. “There’s so many instances where there’s social injustice where these people don’t have a voice,” the star said, later adding, “Instead of my job owning me, I can now help other people. Just like a little flashlight [shining a light on issues].”

Still, Sarandon stressed, “Not that I’m an expert, because I would never tell anybody what to do.” And while today’s New York primary oddly wasn’t mentioned, she did argue that Sanders is “favored in the polls to beat Trump. And so when people say ‘I don’t know how if he can do it,’ it’s because they’re getting their news from other places.”

Watch Sarandon’s full comments below.


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