Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton Supporters Harassed Me On The Phone (VIDEO)

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Susan Sarandon Harassed

By Shari Weiss |

Susan Sarandon Harassed


Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton supporters harassed her on the phone to the point where she had to change her number. Watch the video below of Sarandon talking about how she was barraged for supporting Bernie Sanders over Clinton.

Sarandon appeared on Wednesday’s “The View” to discuss her FX series, “Feud.” But before the chat wrapped up, the outspoken celebrity activist was asked to weigh in on the current state of politics. When Joy Behar pointed out the actress “took a lot of heat” for supporting Sanders and Jill Stein over Clinton, she revealed, “I had to change my phone number.”

“The Hillary people [would angrily call], ‘Are you happy now?!'” Sarandon confessed. “I would’ve ridden [it] out, but my sons explained to me that once they have your number, they can hack into everything so I had to change my phone number.” She didn’t say how her number was obtained in the first place, but admitted she’s “still trying to remember” the new one.

When asked her thoughts on how Donald Trump is doing, Sarandon exclaimed, “Oh, he’s terrible!” Although it’s a “heyday for comedians” now, she complained, “He doesn’t have a follow-through, this guy. He likes signing [bills]. It’s like he’s playing president, but he doesn’t know the ramifications a lot of the times. He hasn’t thought it through.”

Still, Sarandon acknowledged there were people who “wanted change. They didn’t want the status quo. That was the only guy that was talking about change. He wasn’t very good at the details, but people bought into it and I understand.” As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Sarandon also appeared on “The View” nearly a year ago, discussing Sanders and Clinton. Check out the new video below to see Sarandon’s reaction when Behar suggests the actress should run for office.

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