“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Second On “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers”?

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Survivor Recap October 4 2017

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Survivor Recap October 4 2017


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers,” romance bloomed as alliances and fractures formed between the new competitors. Get the full recap and find out who was voted out below!

As Gossip Cop reported, season 35 of “Survivor” premiered last week. For the new installment, 18 contestants were invited to Fiji and divided into three categories based on how others view their personality. The Heroes make up the Levu tribe, the Healers are called Soko, and the Hustlers are in Yawa. At the end of the first episode, the Heroes were down from six players to five after Katrina was the first to be voted off.

Now the second episode, titled “I’m A Wild Banshee,” began in the aftermath of the first Tribal Council. Chrissy was confident she was no longer on the bottom and planned to keep her powerless idol as a decoy. Alan thought his own plan to create suspicion around Ashley and JP as a “power couple” worked, but she thought he put a “target on his back.” And Ben thought it was “every man for himself” with the “core four” alliance “shot.”

On Day 4, Ryan and Devon reaffirmed their Hustlers bond, while Simone was clearly the odd one out. “I’m not an outside person,” she admitted on a show that takes place solely outdoors. But, as a child of 11, she maintained she was “good under pressure.” Ali saw her value as someone “I can use as putty in my hands.” Among the Healers, Cole and Jessica had a romance blossoming, while Joe, who still viewed Mike as “public enemy number one,” found a clue to an idol. He confided in Cole, and with his help, he found it. Joe then worried his tribe mate knew too much.

On Day 5, JP of the Heroes hoped feeding everyone would keep his tribe happy. Chrissy gave him, Ashley and Alan false confidence while really aligning with Ben. At Hustlers, Patrick’s eccentric behavior (“I’m a wild banshee,” he said) raised his team mates’ eyebrows, as they found him childish and annoying. That had Ali contemplating breaking their alliance. Patrick, meanwhile, thought he was just being fun.

For the Immunity Challenge on Day 6, the tribes had to retrieve puzzle pieces from the water and solve a sign-post puzzle. In addition to safety, at stake was a fishing kit. Healers chose to have Joe sit out while the Hustlers agreed on Lauren to make the teams an even five each. The Hustlers obtained their pieces first, followed by the Heroes as the Healers struggled. Miraculously, though, Healers won (the second challenge in a row), while the Heroes came in second. That meant the Hustlers would be up for elimination, and Devon thought Simone’s poor puzzle-playing was another sign she had to “go.”

Back at camp, Simone apologized to her team mates, as she was aware she was an “easy vote.” So, she wanted to work the anti-Patrick angle with Lauren and Ali. Patrick thought he still had Ali on his side to vote against Simone in a majority with Devon and Ryan. Ali and Ryan were actually torn over keeping strength (Patrick) or someone they could control (Simone). At the ceremony, Lauren said they were the “oddest group of people” as she, Simone, Ryan and Ali preached harmony and trust. Patrick ruffled feathers by saying he could trust “most” of the people, before trying to backtrack.

Patrick and Simone both pleaded their cases, and Ryan astutely noted, “There’s six different agendas up here, but everyone thinks there’s one plan.” Ultimately, Simone was voted off with five ballots against her. Next week, though, Patrick continues to rub Lauren the wrong way.

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