“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Fifth On “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers”?

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Survivor Recap October 25 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap October 25 2017


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers,” the challenges started to take a toll on the competitors in Fiji. Get the full recap and find out who was voted off below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the three tribes were switched up on last week’s “Survivor,” mixing the Heroes, Healers and Hustlers together for the first time. Some old alliances fell apart while new ones were strengthened. And thanks to an immunity idol, Joe was saved from elimination while Alan was sent packing as the new Levu team clashed at Tribal Council. Tonight’s episode, called “The Past Will Eat You Alive,” began after the elimination ceremony, with Ashley feeling “tricked” by Joe. “I knew you were crazy. I didn’t know you were crazy and smart,” she told him.

On Day 12, Ben of the Yawa tribe freaked out after lit bamboo exploded with popping sounds. He revealed in an emotional confessional that he’s a Marine veteran who has struggled with PTSD. He took some time alone before the reward challenge on Day 13, in which the players’ hands and feet were bound and they could only use their heads to move balls across the hilly sand. Levu got to the finish point first, after which they had to get the balls into a super-high and narrow basket. They eventually scored the win, getting iced coffee and pastries. Meanwhile, Ryan held Soko back by repeatedly losing control of the ball. That allowed Yawa to get second place.

The Levu tribe felt the reward was just what they needed to bond after Tribal Council, but they realized it would be Devon/Ashley versus Joe/Desi going forward if they lote again. The former pair was hoping to get Desi onto their side. At Soko, Ryan was apologetic for his poor showing and hoped his social game would keep him around. Roark tried aligning with Ali, who was also on board with Ryan. He felt caught in the middle, though, between Ali/Roark and Chrissy. Among the Yawa contestants, Cole’s eating habits rubbed Lauren the wrong way. Jessica also felt she could no longer trust him, so she wanted to form more of a bond with Mike. They found an immunity idol, which he planned to keep for himself.

For the immunity challenge on Day 14, the teams had to swim out to a boat and get bags of rice, push them through a hole and carry them across balance beams. They then had to rip open the bags to find tiny balls to maneuver through a board. To make it an even four players each, Ryan sat out for Soko while Mike was on the bench for Yawa. Levu had early struggles despite their prior success, but quickly made a comeback to take the lead. Yawa then overtook them at the maze stage, scoring immunity first. For Soko, Chrissy repeatedly failed to move the balls while maintaining her balance and didn’t let someone take over. And so Levu took second, with Soko’s Chrissy, Ryan, Ali, Roark and JP in jeopardy of going home.

Chrissy felt unsafe and unable to trust anyone, vowing in a confessionals to “play big.” Roark felt empowered when Chrissy came to her about voting out a guy, unaware that she actually wanted her out. But Chrissy was faking her “all-girls alliance” idea and used it to get JP against Roark. She then pulled in Ryan to “blindside” Roark, but Roark and Ali wanted him to get out Chrissy. As the apparent swing vote, “Whoever I go with, there’s going to be one person who’s going to hate me,” he acknowledged.

At Tribal Council, Ali shaded Chrissy for not letting anyone else take over in the task, which she outright denied. “It’s her side, my side and the truth,” Chrissy said, to which host Jeff Probst quipped, “And there’s a voting booth.” Roark also called out Chrissy for never coming to her to talk strategy until she needed her today. Chrissy in turn called it a “two-way street.” And a confident Roark said she was now the swing, but Chrissy insisted the alliance could be “any three people.” Ultimately, it was Roark who was voted out, with Chrissy, Ryan and JP all voting for her.

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