“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Third On “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers”?

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Survivor Recap October 11 2017

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Survivor Recap October 11 2017


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers,” Cole and Jessica’s relationship took a turn as Patrick’s social game continued to raise eyebrows with Lauren. Check out the full recap and find out who was eliminated below!

As Gossip Cop reported last week, Simone was the second person voted off “Survivor” season 35. In axing her, the Hustlers (Yawa tribe) seemed to favor strength over loyalty, even though that meant continuing to deal with Patrick’s eccentric behavior. The new episode, titled, “My Kisses Are Very Private,” began the morning after that Tribal Council. Patrick and Ryan quickly identified Lauren as “the next one to go,” and she felt “on the outs,” particularly since she was much older than her youthful team mates. She wanted the “target” on Patrick, but Ali was still loyal to him, despite his poor social skills.

Amid the Heroes (Levu), Ben and Chrissy thought they were in the “prime position” and “driving the train.” They were torn over targeting Alan or JP going forward. NFL player Alan felt out of his element while Ashley found JP getting “dreamier and dreamier.” But with Alan’s “power couple” label, she felt like she couldn’t even talk to him. She obviously favored getting rid of Alan, which raised Ben’s suspicions about her alliance with JP. With the Healers (Soko), Joe had his tribe mates thinking Mike had the idol when he really had it himself. And since Cole knew, Joe was worried he’d tell gal pal Jessica. She admitted to the cameras that she’s a virgin, while Cole called her his “dream girl.” Their flirtation led him to confess that Joe has the idol, and she was thrilled to learn that secret. “That gets a kiss on the cheek,” Jessica said, giving a smooch. She noted in her confessional, “My kisses are very private. My lips don’t go near other people’s cheeks very often. So this is big.”

Patrick continued to turn off his team mates by searching for an idol in front of them. Ali urged him to “play smarter,” but he didn’t want to “take away” from his personality. Joe griped about the cooking of their food, rubbing his tribe mates the wrong way. Though he had the idol, Cole wanted to take the power away from him by giving him false confidence so he wouldn’t use it. He told Roark and Desi about the idol to get them in on a “blindside” plan, but Jessica worried he spilled too much. “I’m ticked off at Cole for just running his mouth,” she complained, fearing his secret-sharing would backfire.

For the immunity challenge on Day 8, the teams had to go through a series of obstacles before knocking down blocks and stacking them back up. The first tribe to finish would get chickens while the second would get eggs. The last, of course, would have to go to the elimination ceremony. To make the teams an even five each, Mike sat out for the Heroes. Though he kept missing the last block, putting them behind the other tribes, Patrick refused to let any other Hustlers take over. The Healers thought they won until realizing they left off a block, allowing the Heroes to overtake them and win. The Healers ended up taking second, making it another loss for the Hustlers.

Lauren quickly blamed Patrick’s “one-man show” for their defeat. Patrick apologized and everyone was forgiving but her. Devon, Ryan and Ali assured Patrick that Lauren would be the one going home. The two sparred and she quickly realized she’d be paying the price for his missteps. But Ali started second-guessing whether her ally was really an advantage anymore, while Devon and Ryan felt like they were in the position to sway the vote one way or the other. This conflict naturally spilled over into Tribal Council as Lauren and Patrick again battled.

Ali came to his defense in regards to the challenge, but questioned why he can’t get along with Lauren. Ryan vaguely said, “Somebody is influencing this group in a negative way,” while Devon said his vote would be based on “chemistry.” The discussion evolved into who would be most beneficial socially at the merge. “It is a wake-up call to me,” Patrick admitted, promising he’s “learning.” Lauren predicted, “Tonight, one of us is going to be blindsided.” Ultimately, that person was Patrick, and he was furious. Along with a dirty look, he told the remaining players, “You guys are awful.” Next week: The tribes are switched up!

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