“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Seventh On “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers”?

Survivor Recap November 8 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap November 8 2017


On Wednesday’s highly-anticipated “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers,” the remaining 12 castaways finally made it to the Merge and got to enjoy the long-awaited feast. Get the full recap and find out who was voted off below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Ali was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor” after Ryan blindsided her for the second time. He and fellow Soko tribe members, Chrissy and JP, all voted against her when she thought they were targeting JP. Now on the new episode, titled “Get To Gettin,” the game took its biggest turn yet. The show began after Tribal Council on Night 16, with Chrissy feeling “dominant.”

The next day, Cole felt confident going forward with his Yawa team, unaware that Brad disliked him so much. Over at Levu, it was still a “broken tribe” with Ashley/Devon and Desi/Joe. With no food left, Ashley actually said, “If we don’t get food today, we might die.” When they all arrived for the immunity challenge, host Jeff Probst pointed out Desi’s exhaustion. Brad said they were “all in the same boat… so let’s get to gettin.” With that, Probst told them to “drop your buffs,” and they were officially merged. The feast followed, and it was actually catered by Outback.

The hungry Cole and Devon were particularly thrilled to eat, while Chrissy quickly became suspicious of Joe and wanted to reaffirm her old alliance with Ben. Jessica, meanwhile, wanted to bring Joe and Desi into the “Yawa Five” group to form a majority. But with five Healers, four Heroes and three Hustlers left, everyone started strategizing at the new shared camp, Solewa. Ryan and Devon reunited, and wanted the Hustlers and Heroes to take on the Healers to be seven against five. “A hustler doesn’t wait. A hustler goes and makes alliances,” Ryan told the camera. But Hustler Lauren wasn’t on board, and spilled to Healer Mike. “I expect a war,” he said. He also didn’t want to break the Yawa “alliance of five” by voting out Cole, as Devon and Ben suggested.

For the first individual immunity challenge, the players had to keep a ball spinning in a circular track while balancing on declining platform shaped like a narrowing balance beam. Ryan dropped his ball within seconds, and others followed as it became increasingly difficult to stay steady. It came down to Ashley and Desi, and more than 30 minutes later, they were still going. Ashley eventually broke, giving Desi the win and immunity. Now the negotiating really had to get going, beginning with Cole apologizing to Ben for rubbing him the wrong way with his eating habits.

They seemingly made peace, and Ben realized Cole could be an asset. Cole then told fellow Healer Joe that he was the other target and revealed the Yawa alliance, and Joe questioned why they would trust Ben not to flip. Mike had a new idea to be “five Healers strong,” with Hustler Lauren’s help, to get the “strong” Chrissy out. Lauren tried to get Ben to agree, but he felt a Healer had to go. Unbeknownst to the Healers, Chrissy wanted a “plan B” in case Joe had an idol (which he did) or he gave one to Cole, so she deemed Jessica next on the vote list. With so many competing opinions, it was unclear where things would go. Like Mike above, Ben predicted, “We’re going to war tonight.”

At the elimination ceremony, Jeff brought up the Healers’ majority. Lauren and Mike pointed out that it wasn’t just about tonight’s move, but the ones to come. Joe touted his strengths, but said there were bigger “threats” than him. He talked a fast game, as usual, and even flaunted his idol. “Am I gonna play it or not play it?” he teased. After the votes were cast, Joe did play his idol, saying, “It’s only right to start off fresh.” The balloting was tied five-five for Jessica and Chrissy, until the sixth and seven votes went against Jessica, sending her home. Now the Healers were down to four, as Chrissy’s “plan B” worked out.

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