“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Out 10th And 11th On “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers”?

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Survivor Recap November 29 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap November 29 2017


On Wednesday’s two-hour “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers,” the alliance of seven fell apart and two players were voted off. Get the full recap and find out who was eliminated below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Cole was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor,” which started showing cracks in the bonds of the seven Hustlers and Heroes as Mike and Joe held on as the two remaining Healers. Now on the new installment, called “Buy One, Get One Free,” Joe told Mike he played his immunity idol for a “stupid reason.” Chrissy was thrilled that they were now “dead men walking,” but Mike thought he could bring some of the majority onto his side. “It might appear that I’m on the bottom right now, but stayed tuned. I think it’s about to get really good,” he predicted.

For the Reward Challenge on Day 25, they each had to use their feet to release blocks and then stack them. The winner would get to go on an aerial tour of Fiji and enjoy burgers and fries with beer. Mike was one move away from winning when he knocked over a brick, allowing Lauren to take the win. She then found out she could pick three people to join her on the flight. She chose Devon, Ben and Ashley, leaving behind Mike, Joe, Chrissy, Ryan and JP. Lauren, feeling that the group of seven was “getting ready to blow up,” said in a confessional that her choices were strategic.

At camp, Mike and Joe got on Chrissy and Ryan’s nerves, making them more determined to get them out. But after the alliance of seven lasted for two more Tribal Councils, they wanted to get Ben and Lauren out. At the same time, though, Lauren told Ben, Devon and Ashley that the seven wasn’t going to last so they needed to make a move now. She suggested they “get it out all in the open” and use that information against the others. So she confessed her secret advantage while Devon divulged Ryan’s idol. Lauren further suggested Ben put his differences with Joe aside for the sake of getting the others out. So they agreed on a final four alliance consisting of themselves: Lauren, Ben, Devon and Ashley. The pact was sealed with tears, as they were surprised with letters from their family.

On Day 27, Ben found a clue that led him to a map for a hidden immunity idol, which he then found and planned to keep secret. For the Immunity Challenge that followed, the castaways had to balance on a triangular platform in the water with their feet perched on narrow footholds that would get higher as time went on. They’d be disqualified if they used their hands or fell off. But before starting, host Jeff Probst said that anyone confident enough not to fight for safety could sit out and enjoy peanut butter and chocolate treats. Devon, Ben and Lauren took the offer, while Mike, Joe, Ryan, Ashley, JP and Chrissy opted to play.

JP was the first to fall, not surviving the first 20-minute round. Chrissy fell as soon as she transitioned to the top level, and Joe crashed shortly after. Ryan dropped next, leaving it between Mike and Ashley, who were side by side. Ashley ended up with the immunity victory. Ryan was dismayed that Devon, Ben and Lauren sat out, but agreed with what he thought was a plan to vote out Mike. He and Chrissy, though, didn’t know that within their alliance of seven was the new alliance of four that was ready to “take charge” with the “biggest blindside yet.” It was decided that Ben would be a “secret spy” and pretend through Tribal Council to still be aligned with Chrissy, Ryan and JP while Lauren and Ashley invited Mike and Joe into their scheme to target them.

At the ceremony, Ryan said Mike and Joe weren’t needed as “swing votes” because the alliance of seven was so “strong.” Joe hinted that he just needed to align with a few people, and they all seemed aware that the seven could break at any moment. That moment officially came when the votes were tallied and JP was the one eliminated over Mike, stunning JP, Chrissy and Ryan. Ben, of course, pretended to be surprised, too. Back at camp, Chrissy demanded to know “what happened,” but Joe simply gloated over the blindside.

Going into the second hour, it seemed to be Ben, Chrissy and Ryan against Lauren, Ashley, Devon, Joe and Mike, but Ben was secretly aligned with Lauren, Ashley and Devon as a “double agent.” But whereas Chrissy was angry by the blindside, Ryan was hurt, particularly since his bromance with Devon was now over. On Day 28, Devon and Ben planned to keep up the latter’s charade for one more vote as they worked to get Chrissy or Joe out next.

The Reward Challenge put them into new random groups of four: Lauren, Ryan, Mike and Chrissy versus Ben, Ashley, Joe and Devon. They had to swim out to a boat and collect bags of logs in the water before using the logs on land to push puzzle pieces through a tunnel and solve the puzzle. The winning team would get a spa experience with showers, massages and food. As always, it came down to the puzzle, and Ben, Ashley, Joe and Devon won. That worked for their alliance, though Ben was still pretending to Joe that he was now on the bottom.

Back at camp, Ryan tried to strategize with Mike but the doctor wasn’t receptive after being rejected earlier in the game. Similarly, Lauren gave Chrissy the cold shoulder. Ryan and Chrissy were well-aware they were in trouble, but thought Ben was there with them. The Immunity Challenge on Day 30 called for the competitors to use a driving wheel to transport a key through a series of obstacles. The key would unlock lettered blocks needed to solve a word puzzle at the end of the course. Devon and Ben had an early lead, but the puzzle of course made it anyone’s game. And Chrissy won it as the first person to spell out “invulnerable,” sending her confidence back up.

Ben wasn’t too disappointed, thinking they would now just choose between Ryan, Mike and Joe. He, Lauren, Devon and Ashley settled on Joe, but told him and Mike that the target was Ben. Meanwhile, Ben kept up his act with Chrissy and Ryan, encouraging the latter to play his idol. But unbeknownst to Ben, Lauren and Ashley were now doubting having him in their final four, thinking he had too good a chance of winning it all. Ashley clued in Devon, who was unsure if he wanted to switch his vote from Joe to Ben.

So, who would be blindsided this time, Joe or Ben? At the ceremony, Ben said he thought he was going home, but he was acting, believing the original plan was still in play. Ryan tried to suggest the apparent new alliance of five (Lauren, Ashley, Devon, Joe and Mike) would fail just like the alliance of seven did, but was it really the secret alliance of four (Lauren, Ashley, Devon and Ben) that was failing? After the ballots were cast, Ryan played his immunity idol, so the votes against him didn’t count. Voted out instead was Joe, not Ben. The alliance stuck together.

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