“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Ninth On “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers”?

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Survivor Recap November 22 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap November 22 2017


On Wednesday’s “Survivor,” Ryan spilled his immunity idol secret and Joe remained a target. Get the full recap and find out who was voted off below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Desi was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor,” where the players didn’t seem to realize a vote was missing due to Lauren’s secret advantage. Now on the new episode, called “Fear of the Unknown,” the 10 remaining contestants reflected on the state of the game on Day 22. Lauren and Ben rejoiced that their scheme worked out, while Mike, with the Healers being picked off, was ready to throw original tribe mates Joe and Cole under the bus to save himself, even though he secretly had an idol. Meanwhile, Devon was looking ahead to the final seven, particularly after Ryan revealed he was the one who found the idol everyone was wrestling over in the last installment. They both agreed to keep that knowledge between only them.

For the Reward Challenge that day, they were randomly divided into two teams of five: Ben, Devon, Ashley, Ryan and Lauren against Cole, Chrissy, JP, Joe and Mike. They had to dive into the water to obtain keys from buoys that would unlock a chest of balls. The first team to then score five baskets would get to go on a luxury yacht tour of the Fijian islands while enjoying a meal. The latter team gained access to the balls first and quickly scored three baskets, only for the opposing group to tie. Still, Joe ultimately won it for himself, Cole, Chrissy, JP and Mike. Aboard the yacht, Chrissy felt that although she wasn’t joined by her alliance “friends,” she could “control the conversation.”

Joe, too, had strategy on the mind as he knew the three Healers were still up against the seven Heroes and Hustlers. He aggressively searched the boat for an idol, while back at camp Ryan told Ben about his own idol. He was hoping to build trust with his confession and keep their seven-person alliance. On Day 23, Joe was once again searching for an idol to protect himself from the pack. He also wanted to purposefully upset people so they’d keep him around as someone to easily eliminate later, giving him time to figure out a “move.” And so he picked a fight with Ashley in front of others, also angering Chrissy in the process, which seemed to grow the target on his back, not reduce it.

On Day 24, Ben wanted to add Devon into his partnership with Lauren, as he saw Ryan as “dangerous” with his idol. Ben told him about Ryan’s advantage, and Devon played dumb, pretending that he didn’t know. Now he saw Ryan as untrustworthy for spilling the secret to someone else, and so he pledged his loyalty to Ben. The Immunity Challenge followed, with the castaways having to squat with bars resting on their shoulders. If they went too low, their flag would pop and if they went too high, their water urn would fall. Either would render them out. Ashley was surprised to be the first to break, and Mike was next. Ashley ended up distracting Devon and Joe, who broke, too. It eventually came down to Cole and Lauren, who happened to be side by side. She ended up winning safety from elimination.

Ben was thrilled for his ally’s victory and his nemesis’ loss. He wanted to split the votes, 4-3, against Cole and Mike, respectively, but Ashley wanted Joe out. Ryan seemed to agree with her, as did Chrissy and Devon. They had Chrissy tell Ben that “this was not a dictatorship,” but he rejected the idea he was “steamrolling” everyone. Mike also knew that he couldn’t trust Ben when he said Cole was the target and wanted to team with Joe to “turn this upside down and get Ben out.” He planned to “make the world implode” by bestowing his idol on someone.

At the ceremony, Mike whispered to Joe to “follow my lead” and “trust” him. They acknowledged they were the minority, but Mike said it would be morally wrong to allow Joe stay in the game when they treat him as a “pariah.” He also questioned what the alliance of seven would do after the Healers were all gone, as the numbers would force them to break apart. There seemed to be some cross-talk and assurances of plans, but what that plan was wasn’t clear. After the votes were cast, Mike whipped out his idol and used it for himself. The votes for him didn’t count and once there was five counted against Cole, he was eliminated.

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