“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Eighth On “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers”?

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Survivor Recap November 15 2017Survivor Recap November 15 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap November 15 2017Survivor Recap November 15 2017


On Wednesday’s new “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers,” there was a physical fight over an idol as Ben and Joe feuded. Find out who was voted off and get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Jessica was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor” after the three tribes were merged to form Solewa. The players from the Hustlers and Heroes teamed up to form the majority vote, with seven ballots compared to the Healers’ five. Now the new episode, called “Playing With The Devil,” started after Tribal Council on Night 19. Joe, who saved himself with an immunity idol, admitted his shock at the anti-Healers outcome, but warned, “The only problem is, now you’re playing with the devil.”

On Day 20, Lauren found a secret advantage at the camp site, which would allow her to secretly not vote at the next elimination ceremony and get to vote twice at a future council. At a Reward Challenge, the 11 remaining players randomly drew rocks to determine the two groups: JP, Chrissy, Cole, Ryan and Devon against Desi, Ashley, Ben, Mike and Lauren. Joe lucked out by drawing the rock that allowed him to automatically get the reward: an Italian meal on a private island. For the others to win it, they had to go through an obstacle course and use a sling shot to hit targets. JP scored the winning hit for himself, Chrissy, Cole, Ryan and Devon, after which they were told the food would be served family style, but they could only eat one at a time and in private, with no one seeing how much or how little was consumed.

And Joe had the added reward of deciding in which order they’d eat. He knew he had a target on his back and he needed to build better relationships, so he allowed birthday boy Devon to go first and said he himself would go last. JP went second, followed by Cole, who thought his predecessors “indulged more than their fair share,” and he intended to as well. As he dug in, he realized the plate had a clue about an idol buried at camp. Cole covered up the plate with a table cloth, but Chrissy looked underneath it and saw it, as did Ryan. He then hid the plate itself so Joe would be none the wiser.

When they returned to camp, Ryan was the first to go digging and found the idol. But when Cole spied Chrissy filling the hole back up, he pounced, thinking she was looking for it. Others realized what was seemingly up for grabs, leading them, including Ben, Joe and Devon, to pile on. As they wrestled, none of them knew Ryan already pocketed the idol, and Ben even announced, “Cole got it. He just shoved it down his pants.” Cole felt he had no choice but to go along with it and bluff.

For the Immunity Challenge on Day 21, they each had to stand on a narrow beam while balancing a statue with a long pole. Their distance from the statue increased as the task went on, though Mike dropped his statue before they even took their first step back. It ultimately came down to JP and Cole, with the former caving. Now Cole really did have an immunity idol, ensuring his safety. But he knew the four Healers were a “sinking ship,” and told Joe and Mike he had nothing to protect them. They predicted the Hustlers and Heroes would try to split the vote, and sure enough, Ben was recommending they target Joe and Desi with their seven votes.

Joe questioned to Ryan why he was letting Ben dictate the game, unaware that Ben was eavesdropping on their conversation. He then antagonized Joe, who dished it right back. Ben, a veteran with PTSD, was infuriated when Joe brought up the Marines, which made each all the more determined to get the other out. But when Lauren told Ben that her secret advantage meant she couldn’t vote tonight, he realized he needed to get a replacement vote, so it wouldn’t be a 3-3 split, giving the Healers the majority with their four votes. He tried to coax Mike to turn on Joe, but the doctor was privately thinking it was Ben that had to go.

The Joe-Ben rivalry continued at Tribal Council, though Ben apologized for getting so angry earlier and Chrissy stepped in to get Joe to shut up as he continued to push buttons. When it came time to vote, Lauren secretly played her advantage and didn’t cast a ballot. When they were tallied, it was revealed to be a tie between votes for Joe and Desi, as they each had four against them. Now they all had to vote again, but could only vote for those two, and neither Desi nor Joe themselves could vote. The second tally sent Desi packing. And that happened after Lauren secretly didn’t vote again. Now Desi will be the first member of the season 35 jury.

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