“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Off Third On “Ghost Island”?

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Survivor Recap March 7 2018

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Survivor Recap March 7 2018

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On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Ghost Island,” the tribes were swapped and another person was sent to Ghost Island. Find out who was voted out and get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, “Survivor: Ghost Island” premiered last week with a new premise for season 36: The 20 castaways have the opportunity to play with idols and advantages of years past in hopes of not making the same mistakes their predecessors did. The goal is to “reverse the curse” with these items and become the new “Sole Survivor.” The first episode featured two tribes of 10 players each, Naviti and Malolo. The first two competitors eliminated, however, were both from Malolo: Gonzalez and Jacob.

The second installment, titled “Only Time Will Tell,” picked up after the Tribal Council on Night 6. James was relieved he wasn’t voted off for choking during the challenge. On Day 7, all of the contestants gathered, and Libby said Malolo was still “united,” despite being down two players. Host Jeff Probst then ordered everyone to drop their buffs for a tribe switch. Naviti’s Angela actually teared up over the news.

After new buffs were drawn at random, the new teams were as follows: Naviti consisted of Libby, Donathan, Laurel, James, Domenick, Chris, Angela, Wendell and Morgan. Malolo included Jenna, Stephanie, Brendan, Michael, Desiree, Sebastian, Kellyn, Bradley and Chelsea. With some of the competitors still with their original tribe mates, lines were quickly drawn. The old Naviti people now with Malolo weren’t thrilled with their new camp’s condition, while the Malolo people who were now with Naviti were quite impressed with theirs.

Naviti’s Chris encouraged Angela to put her “army hat” on and stop leading with her heart. He told her about Domenick’s (actually fake) hidden immunity idol, but felt she was being manipulated and ordered around. Chris went on to tell others about Domenick, insisting they had to get him out. Libby and James seemingly agreed, but she said in a confessional, “I’ll play dumb, but I’m not gonna be dumb about it.” At the same time, Domenick and Morgan were suspicious of Chris, and Libby felt compelled to align with Morgan.

On Day 8, Stephanie, Laurel, Brendan and Michael fretted about being in the minority on Malolo, since they were now joined with five who were originally on Naviti, making them search for an idol. Michael found one, learning it was originally in play on “Survivor: China.” That season, contestant James had a false sense of security thanks to his two immunity idols and strong alliance, and didn’t play his idols before he was voted out.

For the immunity challenge on Day 9, the teams had to go through an obstacle course before solving a puzzle. At stake was not just safety, but also a tarp. Malolo had an early lead, then Naviti, and then it became neck-and-neck. Naviti started the puzzle first, but Malolo eventually won it. They then had to choose one person from the losing Naviti to go to Ghost Island. But unable to make a unanimous decision, they lost the power and all of Naviti had to draw rocks. Chris was the one who ultimately had to go, meaning he was safe from elimination, upsetting Domenick.

At Ghost Island, Chris cracked an urn and discovered he wouldn’t get to play a game. So not only would he not get to have a vote in the elimination, but he didn’t score an advantage, either. He cried over the stress of the situation, but told the cameras how his mom’s battle against MS was giving him strength and inspiration. With his absence from camp, the eight others on Naviti had to decide who to send home. Angela and Wendell discussed sticking with Chris’ plan to target Domenick, but he thought the idea was a “little sketchy.”

Instead, he and Laurel thought they should get Angela out, since she appeared to be Chris’ “right-hand man.” Meanwhile, Domenick, still concerned about his own security, told James, Libby, and Chelsea that his “idol” was fake, hoping to earn their trust. But James thought Domenick might still have a real idol and be trying to “throw” them. So he suggested getting rid of Wendell or Morgan. Libby was torn between voting along with her original team mates, or preserving her new bond with Morgan.

At the ceremony, Morgan suggested both groups of four were “staying solid” with their original tribe mates. If they voted along those lines, the tie would mean everyone would have to draw rocks to determine the outcome. But others suggested mixing it up. Angela said she felt an “immense amount of pressure” from the MIA Chris, and would be voting in her own best interest. And Morgan pointed out that everyone would be “lying” at some point. When the votes were tallied, it was Morgan who was eliminated. Upon her exit, she secretly willed her Legacy Advantage to Domenick.

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