“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Off Fifth On “Ghost Island”?

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Survivor Recap March 21 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap March 21 2018


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Ghost Island,” a tribe’s losing streak continued as someone new was sent to Ghost Island. But who was voted out? Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Brendan was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor” after Michael played his immunity idol for Stephanie instead of him. Not only did Michael wrongly guess who his tribe mates were targeting for elimination, but he also failed to convince anyone from the majority alliance to join the minority and turn the tables. The new episode, titled “Diamond in the Rough,” began after the Malolo Tribal Council on Night 12.

Bradley called the ceremony a “wake-up call,” and was thrilled his alliance held strong. Michael apologized if he “hurt” feelings, but was praised for selflessly using his idol for someone else instead of himself. He knew he was still on the bottom, though, with Bradley viewing him as a big “threat” going forward.

For the reward challenge on Day 13, the teams had to go through an obstacle course before throwing beanbags to hit targets and raise flags. The winning tribe would get coffee and pastries, along with the power to send someone from the losing tribe to Ghost Island. The two sides were neck-and-neck until Naviti got a head-start on throwing, and Chris ended up winning it for the group. But rather than choose someone from Malolo to go to Ghost Island, they opted to have their opponents draw rocks. With that, Stephanie was banished.

At the Naviti camp, the members were happy about winning back-to-back challenges and surprised by Chris’ seeming willingness to work together. A homesick Donathan opened up to Laurel about feeling guilty for leaving his ill mom and grandmother to compete on the show. Seeing him upset, Chris decided to reach out and forge a bond over similar experiences. That had Donathan rethinking whether to go along with Laurel’s desire to vote Chris out.

At Ghost Island, Stephanie wasn’t happy being segregated since she, Jenna and Michael were still on the bottom of the Malolo tribe. After smashing an urn, she was informed she wouldn’t get to play a game, which made her feel even more dejected. But she hoped her inner strength and self-reliance would be her advantage. She rejoined everyone for the immunity challenge on Day 14.

The task called for the players to go bodyboarding in the water to retrieve pieces for a combination lock and slide puzzle. The lead changed several times before setbacks for Malolo let Naviti get ahead until they struggled with the combination. Still, Naviti started the puzzle first and eventually won it. Malolo would have to face Tribal Council again. Kellyn, who exceeded at the season’s previous puzzles, felt she let her team down, but it was pointed out she was at least still a part of the majority alliance.

The breakdown before the ceremony was Kellyn, Bradley, Sebastian, Desiree and Chelsea (5) as the majority versus Michael, Stephanie and Jenna (3) as the minority. Back at camp, Michael said in a confessional that he was now ready to write down his pals’ names if it meant saving himself. Jenna knew she gave off a “defensive” vibe, so she started flirting with Sebastian to get close with him. He knew what she was doing, but didn’t mind keeping her around.

Sebastian and Desiree saw Stephanie as a strategic threat that they should eliminate, but Stephanie went the flirty route, too, with Bradley, hoping to win his protection. That led Bradley to suggest Michael as the target, which Kellyn and Chelsea agreed with. Michael, however, promised Bradley he’d prove his “loyalty” and they’d start winning challenges. Everyone seemed to be leaning in different directions and unsure who to trust, who was the most dangerous and who was the least of the threats.

At the ceremony, Kellyn confirmed the majority of five was holding strong and that it would still be Jenna, Michael or Stephanie going home, but confessed that they went back and forth all afternoon over which of the trio should go. They were suspicious Stephanie had obtained an advantage at Ghost Island, and Bradley admitted he should want to get rid of Michael for targeting him last time. Michael promised his “respect” and strength to win challenges, whereas Stephanie stressed how “Survivor” is her “dream.” She became emotional as she spoke about playing for her kids and letting them down, declaring, “I’m not ready to go… I have a lot of game left in me.”

Meanwhile, Jenna acknowledged the wall she puts up and how she struggles to form relationships, saying that she hoped the game would help her overcome those issues. And like Stephanie, Michael also pointed out how his own “fandom.” But before voting, Desiree ominously said they had a “good reason” for picking the person they did. After the ballots were cast, Stephanie was the one eliminated with five votes against her.

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