“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Off Fourth On “Ghost Island”?

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Survivor Recap March 14 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap March 14 2018


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Ghost Island,” the tribes continued to adjust and someone was sent to Ghost Island. Find out who was voted out and get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Morgan was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor” after the tribe swap. She believed she had convinced new pal Libby to align with her, but Libby stuck with her original tribe mates for the vote. The new episode, called “Trust Your Gut,” began after Tribal Council on Night 9, with Domenick and Wendell shocked to lose their ally.

Angela also felt stabbed in the back since she was their target. Domenick and Wendell felt they were now the odd men out and on the brink of “disaster” having alienated her as well as their new tribe mates. Their lone piece of confidence came from Domenick’s hidden idol, but on Day 10, he found out Morgan willed him the Legacy Advantage. “It’s important I reverse these curses,” he declared to the camera.

For the reward challenge, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were up for grabs, along with milk, and the power to send a losing tribe member to Ghost Island. The task required players to get a lifesaver from the water and bring it to a safety pole while opposing competitors tried to stop them and do the same. Naviti won the first two rounds, Malolo scored a victory, and then Naviti earned the final and overall win. Rather than picking who on Malolo should go to Ghost Island, they let the tribe draw rocks. Kellyn, after calling it her “worst fear,” ended up getting sent.

At Ghost Island, Kellyn cracked an urn and was directed toward a game of chance. If she risked her next vote and then picked correctly, she’d earn an advantage. But, believing you have to “trust your gut,” she decided not to play the game in order to keep her vote. Back on the main island, Naviti celebrated their yummy win, while Chris found out what went down at Tribal Council. Realizing that by Wendell and Domenick trying to get Angela out, they were aiming for him by extension, they chose to align with Libby, James, Donathan and Laurel in hopes of eliminating Domenick. Donathan and Laurel, however, weren’t set on teaming up with Chris. In fact, she told Domenick she rather work with him and Wendell, prompting Domenick to tell her about his idol.

On Day 12, the immunity challenge called for the teams to retrieve a chest from underwater and get it to shore before trying to land the balls inside on a narrow perch. Malolo had an early lead as Naviti struggled every step of the way. But in a stunning comeback, Naviti actually won. With Malolo going to Tribal Council, Kellyn was relieved she kept her vote, confident the numbers were in favor of her and her original tribe mates since the beakdown was five-four. Newbie Stephanie didn’t expect that alliance to crack, and resigned herself to the fact that she or someone else in the minority would be going home.

Kellyn, Bradley, Chelsea, Sebastian and Desiree debated whether they should target Brendan or Michael. The two were understandably paranoid, but they did have a hidden idol. They told Stephanie and Jenna, and all agreed to “make something happen.” That plan entailed Michael pulling out the idol at the elimination ceremony and vowing to use it for one of them, in hopes of getting someone in the majority nervous enough to flip to the minority.

At Tribal Council, the majority boasted about having the numbers and sticking together, but Michael and Brendan tried to break up the alliance by suggesting to Sebastian and Chelsea that they were on the bottom and being hoodwinked by Bradley. Michael then showed off his idol, explaining that he was going to “reverse the curse” and claiming he was able to use it for two people. He further said he and his fellow minority members would target Bradley, who was now a bit nervous. Again extending the olive branch to Sebastian and Chelsea to join the minority, Michael said, “I challenge you to play the game you came out here to play.”

After the votes were cast, Michael revealed his idol was actually only available to be used for one person, and he played it for Stephanie, making any votes against her null and void. But the plan backfired and Brendan was voted out as originally planned by the majority. No one from that group flipped, as the minority had hoped.

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