“Survivor” Recap: Who Was Voted Out 13th “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers”?

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Survivor Recap December 13 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap December 13 2017


On Wednesday’s penultimate “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers,” the remaining six players competed to make the final five for season 35. Get the full recap and find out who was voted off below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Lauren was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor,” even though there was only one vote against her. Because she didn’t play her secret immunity idol and Ben used his, all the votes for him did not count. The new episode, titled “The Survivor Devil,” began after Tribal Council on Night 33. Ben told everyone about his game-changing move, “No hard feelings y’all.” Of course, they now all wanted to target him. “He’s going home next, no matter what,” Chrissy declared.

But they knew one of them had to win the next Immunity Challenge so Ben himself wouldn’t automatically be safe. “I got a long, hard road ahead of me now,” he acknowledged. So, early in the morning on Day 34, he went looking for another hidden idol, which Chrissy realized. He did not appear to find one before the next Reward Challenge, in which they were tied up in pairs and had to get through an obstacle course while attached to tangled ropes before landing rings on a target. It was Ben and Ashley versus Chrissy and Devon versus Ryan and Mike. Up for grabs was an overnight trip to a private resort on a private island with a luxurious meal.

Ben and Ashley made it to the final stage first, but Chrissy and Devon were right behind. Ultimately, the latter pair won it. They could choose only one person to join them and picked Ryan, which stunned Ashley, who thought her alliance with Devon was stronger. Mike was angry, too, that he wasn’t selected. Ben thought that was his opening to “start stirring things up.” Back at camp, Mike badmouthed Ryan, but also fought with Ben. Ben then tried to align with Ashley, but she wasn’t biting. So he went looking for an idol again, which Mike did as well, though the doctor didn’t really think another existed. “I feel pretty confident Ben’s going home,” he said in a confessional.

At the resort, Ryan, Devon and Chrissy agreed Ben was the “number one” target, but also expressed concerns about Mike. They then agreed on a “final three” alliance, resuming Ryan and Devon’s early-on plan. “I think this is the perfect three,” Devon said, adding, “May the best player at this point win.” Secretly, though, Chrissy was contemplating voting out Ashley before Ben.

For the Immunity Challenge On Day 36, there was another obstacle course with tasks along the way, culminating in a cog puzzle that would raise a flag. They were all pretty much neck-and-neck at every point and it came down to the puzzle, as usual. After everyone struggled, Chrissy eventually won, guaranteeing her spot in the final five. Now she had to decide whether she wanted to eliminate Ashley or Ben first to take “control of the game.”

Ben once again searched for an idol as Ashley, Mike, Devon and Ryan all said they still planned to vote Ben. Ashley then suggested to Devon, Ryan and Chrissy to split the votes between Mike and Ben, in case the latter had an idol. But Chrissy was ready to get Ashley out, and told Devon, Ryan and Mike that. Mike thought Ben was too dangerous to wait on, and Chrissy warned she might “make a late, game-changing decision on my gut at Tribal.” Meanwhile, Ben’s search actually paid off, as he found a map indicating the idol was hiding at the campsite.

“If I could find the idol, I could blow up this whole game, so I’m not going anywhere until I get that idol,” he said in a confessional. But the show then cut to the ceremony without it being shown if he was successful. There was the usual talk about alliances and threats, with Ben admitting he was a “lone wolf” without a “final three,” and therefore “open for business.” Mike admitted he was worried Ben was going to get “his way,” and Ashley wondered if there was a plan she didn’t know about. Ben and Devon traded barbs, with Devon even saying, “I truly think Ben’s going home tonight.”

At that point, though, Ben showed off his new idol and declared, “I’m not going home tonight.” Chrissy downplayed his stunt, but Ryan thought it was a big bombshell. Devon pointed out that Ben might not actually pay it, but he then handed it in, announcing, “I’m in the final five, Jeff.” So now the rest knew their plans had to change. “I just turned the five against themselves and got me one more day in this game, so mission accomplished,” Ben crowed.

With him out of the running, the majority of votes ended up being against Ashley. Next week, it’s the three-hour live season finale and after-show!

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