“Survivor: Game Changers” Recap: Who Was Voted Out 11th?

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Survivor Recap May 3 2017

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Survivor Recap May 3 2017


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Game Changers,” alliances and secret advantages came into play before one castaway was voted off at Tribal Council. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Debbie was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor,” surprising the majority alliance. That alliance actually became the minority when Sarah secretly flipped her vote and changed allegiance. Now the new episode, called “Reinventing How This Game Is Play,” began on Night 26 in the aftermath of that Tribal Council. Sarah confessed to the remaining competitors that she was the game-changing vote.

Andrea, Michaela, Zeke, Aubry and Cirie thought Sarah’s move was to their advantage, as they took “control” from Brad, Sierra, Troyzan, and Tai with a new 6 vs. 4 alliance. On Day 27, there was a team-based reward challenge for an overnight stay at a resort. Andrea, Sarah, Aubry, Zeke and Brad competed on the obstacle course and puzzle against Michaela, Tai, Sierra, Troyzan and Cirie. As usual, it came down to the word puzzle, which was the episode’s title, and Andrea’s team won it after nearly an hour. Brad saw it as a “win-win” as he was now going away with the people he needed to “change the game.” Indeed, Andrea and Aubry were suspicious of Brad and Zeke’s bonding on the trip.

On Day 28, the losing contestants lamented their misfortune. Sierra and Tai felt they were at the bottom, and he was ready to play one of his immunity idols if need be. Back at camp, Andrea and Cirie agreed to “blindside” Zeke, if they could get “Officer Sarah” on board. She was “not down for it,” and confided in Cirie about her “steal a vote” advantage that could be used to get Zeke out later. That left Sierra as the target, though Sarah secretly wasn’t committed to her new alliance. On Day 29, Zeke and Sarah reaffirmed their loyalty, and he wanted a “final five” with her, Brad, Troyzan, and Michaela. He got the guys on board, boosting Brad’s confidence.

The individual immunity challenge was essentially a stacking and balancing task to form a domino reaction. Andrea won, leaving Sierra even more “terrified,” unaware that Andrea was fixated on taking out Zeke. She and Cirie again tried to convince Sarah, who kept quiet about her concerns. Andrea thought she had a “foolproof” plan for a 6-4 vote with help from Sierra, although Michaela wasn’t committed. It seemed clear she and Sarah would be the deciding votes on whether it was Sierra or Zeke who got the boot.

At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst’s questions led to pointed answers, as usual. But all that mattered in the end was the votes. And when they were tallied, it was Zeke who was voted out. Sierra, Tai and Troyzan were stunned, and Michaela was left in tears despite voting for him. Andrea’s revenge mission was complete. Now nine are left.

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