“Survivor: Game Changers” Recap: Who Was Voted Out 13th And 14th?

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Survivor Recap May 17 2017

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Survivor Recap May 17 2017


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Game Changers,” there was two Tribal Councils, narrowing the number of remaining castaways down to six before next week’s finale. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Sierra was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor” after being betrayed by Sarah. Unaware that her pal voted for her ouster, Sierra willed her Legacy Advantage to her, ostensibly giving her a leg up as the game continued. Now on the penultimate episode of season 34, called “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow,” the competition took a few more twisty turns.

On Night 32, after Sierra’s elimination, Andrea became suspicious of Sarah. On Day 33, Sarah secretly reveled in having two advantages: Immunity, via Sierra, to be used when six are left, and a “steal a vote.” With those in her pocket, she wanted to get Andrea out. At the next individual immunity challenge, the contestants had to build a house of cards on a wobbling table. Aubry mastered the balancing task in record time.

She, Andrea, Cirie and Michaela then considered eliminating Brad, who was put off when Michaela demanded he go fish. Andrea was still concerned about Sarah, but Aubry didn’t think it was “time.” Cirie, too, didn’t want Sarah out yet, and actually suggested to Sarah that they target Andrea. All went into Tribal Council seemingly divided over Sarah, Andrea and Brad. Ultimately, a stunned Andrea was eliminated when everyone but Aubry voted for her. Aubry was crushed to lose her ally and consoled by Tai, raising Cirie’s eyebrows.

On Day 34, the individual immunity challenge called for the players to obtain a key in the water to solve a puzzle. Brad won, guaranteeing him a spot in the final six. He even exclaimed, “Pick somebody else, people!” Indeed, a new target was needed. And Troyzan was ready to play his secret immunity idol if needed.

Tai saw Sarah as the threat, while Aubry and Cirie wanted to get Tai out. Sarah wasn’t convinced Aubry was an ally, and to show Cirie her loyalty, she gave her the “steal a vote” advantage to hold. Cirie, however, was ready to actually use it at that Tribal Council, hoping to get out Tai. Cirie clued in Michaela AND Tai, but only to make him comfortable by giving him the impression he was safe. But he was panicked, wondering if he should use one of his own secret immunity idols.

At the ceremony, no one knew who was lying to whom and where the votes were actually going to go. Before they could be cast, Cirie shocked by announcing she had Sarah’s advantage in her possession and wanted to play it. Sarah immediately objected, saying it was “non-transferrable,” and she was right. Only Sarah could use it unless she willed it to someone else, which she didn’t actually do. Cirie tried to do damage control, as everyone whispered about a new game plan.

Sarah then said she’d use the advantage to take Tai’s vote away from him, thereby getting to cast two. When the votes were finally tallied, it was an angry Michaela who was surprisingly eliminated. Now six castaways and four days remain. Next week: The two-hour season finale!

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