“Survivor: Game Changers” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Fifth?

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Survivor Recap March 29 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap March 29 2017


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Game Changers,” another competitor was voted out in the aftermath of Malcolm’s controversial elimination. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Malcolm was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor.” Both Mana and Nuku were forced to go to Tribal Council, where Nuku targeted Sierra of Mana. But the team was unaware Mana’s Tai had a hidden immunity idol, which he bestowed upon her. So, their plot backfired, Nuku’s Malcolm was the collateral damage, and it seemed his own teammate, JT, was to blame.

Now on the new episode, called “Dirty Deed,” JT lied to his teammates and denied he told Mana’s Brad about their plan to target Sierra. He told the camera he would take his wrongdoing to his “grave,” though Sandra was convinced losing their strongest player was the result of his “dirty deed.” Sure his team would vote him out next, he set out to find an immunity idol, and was successful.

On Day 12, Tavua learned of Malcolm’s elimination, which they thought “changed the game.” But all had to get back to work on a new reward challenge, another obstacle course topped off by a puzzle. At stake: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with cookies and milk. Tavua won it, with Nuku also getting rewarded for coming in second. Mana went home empty-handed.

Though Debbie volunteered to do the balancing portion of the challenge, a move that ended up causing them to lose, she acted afterward like Brad was a “dictator” who forced her to take that task. She bad-mouthed him to the others, claiming she was disrespected, and then screamed right in his face. “I’d rather die fighting than live on my knees,” Debbie told the camera, vowing to take him out.

Despite Tavua’s continuing success, Sarah was worried about elimination and formed an alliance with Troyzan. She was determined to find an idol, unaware he actually had one. Meanwhile, on Nuku, Sandra covertly fueled a feud between JT and Michaela. All the while the Mana tension with Debbie continued to simmer, making Tai want to find yet another idol.

For the immunity challenge on Day 13, strength played a key role in the obstacle course that ended with a sling shot to knock down targets. Mana struggled to strategize, with Debbie’s adversarial attitude continuing throughout the game. Amazingly, though, they actually managed to win. Tavua came in second, meaning Nuku would face elimination again after the JT-Malcolm debacle.

JT advocated for Michaela to go, but Sandra still wanted “vengeance” for what happened to Malcolm. She tried to align with Michaela and Jeff, but had no idea JT had a hidden immunity idol. Jeff, meanwhile, relished being the swing vote, knowing he could help vote out JT or Michaela.

At Tribal Council, JT acknowledged giving too much information last time, and traded barbs with Michaela, with Sandra again fanning the flames. She gave JT a false sense of security, before secretly casting a vote to send him home. Now over-confident, JT didn’t play his immunity idol, and it backfired. Much to his surprise, he was voted off 3-2 (Sandra, Michaela, Jeff vs. JT, Aubry). Only after he was gone did Sandra admit to pitting him and Michaela against each other. Yet again, the queen stays queen.

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