“Survivor: Game Changers” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Fourth?

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Survivor Game Changers Recap March 22 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Game Changers Recap March 22 2017


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Game Changers,” one contestant was voted out by two tribes in a stunning elimination. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Caleb was voted off last week’s “Survivor,” when the Mana tribe lost its third immunity challenge in a row. The defeat came despite the tribes getting shaken up with the addition of a third group, Tavua, which required rejiggering all of the teams. Now with 17 competitors remaining, the reality show introduced even more game-changing twists.

The episode, called “The Tables Have Turned,” began on night nine, after last week’s tribal council. Tai thought his vote against pal Caleb earned his teammates’ trust. He, Debbie, Brad and Sierra all saw Hali as their new target. She, however, thought Tai would be the next to go.

On day 10, the tribes learned only two from each group could participate in the next reward challenge, an obstacle course. Interestingly, all three did male-only pairs. JT and Malcolm won it for Nuku, winning coffee and cookies. Tai and Brad came from behind to take second for Mana, earning a thermos of iced coffee. For coming in last, Tavua obviously received nothing.

With the blame on Troyzan, he became even more of an odd man out on his team. But the rest of his tribe still had no idea he had found an immunity idol. In contrast, Ozzy thought the loss would ensure his safety because he remained an asset to his tribe, particularly due to his fishing skills. Meanwhile, Nuku celebrated Malcom and JT with that coffee. Sandra felt she was still the “queen” who was “running the show,” but the two guys were eying her elimination.

For the immunity challenge on day 11, the contestants had to navigate an obstacle course while blindfolded and tethered together in pairs, with one member shouting directions, before coming together to get balls through a table maze. Sandra and Troyzan both volunteered to sit out. The shocker: Only the first-place tribe would win immunity, with the other two both going to tribal council. Tavua won, with Andrea clinching the victory.

Now Nuku and Mana would both have to face elimination. But Jeff Probst surprisingly announced only one person would be going home, with the two at-risk tribes voting on the combined pool of players. Nuku thought this was to their advantage, since they had one more member than Mana (six vs. five). They were torn over targeting Tai or Sierra, but JT predicted Mana would be targeting Sandra, and contemplated being their swing vote.

With her teammates trying to convince her to unite with them as “five strong,” Hali thought the tables had turned in her favor, making her valuable. But they were torn between voting for Sandra and Malcolm. Tai, concerned about his own safety, set off to find an immunity idol. He discovered a clue, which eventually led him to the idol, and he actually admitted his score to his teammates.

At the ceremony, a confident Sandra was convinced JT wouldn’t go against his current tribe, even though he used to be on Mana. Hali again became scared about her own safety, and suggestively said they should go after physical threats. Everyone started whispering to each other about who to target, with Brad and Sierra seemingly becoming the likely victims.

Hali reluctantly voted first, and the outcome seemed up in the air. Before counting the votes, Tai announced he had an idol, and gave it to Sierra, who turned it in to ensure her safety. Vote after vote cast for her no longer counted. With the remaining votes naming Malcolm, he was sent packing in shock, and fully believed it was JT’s doing.

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