“Survivor: Game Changers” Recap: Who Was Voted Off Third?

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Survivor Recap March 15 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap March 15 2017


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Game Changers,” the tribes were shaken up and another contestant was voted off the island. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the new season of “Survivor” premiered last week with a special two-hour installment, which also marked not only the CBS’ series’ 34th cycle, but also its 500th episode. The 20 contestants, all former competitors who previously influenced the game through strength or strategy, were invited to Fiji, where they were divided into two tribes. By the end of the premiere, Mana had lost two members, while Nuku still had all 10.

Now on the new episode, called “Survivor Jackpot,” host Jeff Probst ordered the remaining contestants on both teams to drop their buffs. Everyone was reassigned at random, and now there were three tribes of six, with the new one called Tavua. In addition to being amongst a new group of players, this new tribe also had to start from scratch setting up a camp.

On Tavua, Cirie again hoped for a fresh start with former foe Ozzy. Troyzan, the lone Mana now with five from Nuku, was well aware he was the odd man out, and set out for the immunity idol. What he found was a clue to it, and it required him to make a “game-changing” move of finding the actual idol right in front of his team mates during the next immunity challenge.

Meanwhile, Malcolm, now on Nuku, thought he hit the “survivor jackpot” now that he was on the team that had chickens, plenty of food, a tool kit, and a shelter. But as the only original Nuku member, JT thought he was at risk with his new team mates from Mana, and was also determined to find the immunity idol. Of course, the other five were on to him, but JT still tried to endear himself to Sandra by capturing a goat, which she was desperate to eat. But after finding a mama and its baby, they decided to eat a chicken instead.

On the reformed Mana, Brad was happy to be among several of his original Nuku team mates, and viewed original Mana members Caleb and Hali as targets. But Tai, with his affections for Caleb still strong, gave him a heads-up. Day 9 brought the next challenge: Three team members of each tribe had to traverse an obstacle course while tied together, with the other three then completing a puzzle. At stake: A tarp and either condiments or pillows.

Nuku won, with Tavua coming in second. Both teams earned immunity plus the rewards, and Troyzan managed to snag the hidden idol without anyone else noticing. Mana, despite having a new composition, lost for the third time and would again face the tribal council. Hali assumed she was in “hot water,” with Caleb hoping his strength would save him.

Tai felt torn over his loyalty to Caleb, and, at the elimination ceremony, Debbie said it was “unnerving” that she was tied to both of them from their past season. Hali tried to paint Caleb as a threat, not an asset, and it apparently worked. Caleb was voted out after all the others, including Tai, voted against him.

Coincidentally, he was kicked off on the ninth day, which is the same amount of time he lasted previously when he exited the game due to a medical emergency. Next week, two of the three tribes will have to go to council.

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