“Survivor: Game Changers” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Sixth?

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Survivor Recap April 5 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap April 5 2017


On Wednesday’s jam-packed “Survivor: Game Changers,” the tribes changed again, one contestant was sent to Exile Island, a former competitor returned, and someone else was eliminated. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, JT was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor” after the majority of the Nuku tribe voted him out. Now on the new episode, called “Vote Early, Vote Often,” Aubry was disgruntled with their team mates and acknowledged Sandra was the “queen.” That same night, Mana’s Tai found his second immunity idol.

On Day 14, the teams were switched again to go from three to two: New versions of Mana and Nuku. At random, Debbie was left without a tribe, and sent to Exile Island, where’d she stay until the next Tribal Council. Ultimately, she’d join the losing group, but will have missed out on vital bonding time, though she’d at least be safe from elimination for now.

The new Mana tribe (Aubry, Michaela, Brad, Cirie, Hali, Troyzan and Sierra) had only two men, which led them to bond. The new Nuku tribe (Andrea, Sandra, Sarah, Ozzy, Zeke, Tai and Jeff) had Jeff feeling like the odd one out with Sandra, but she insisted she wasn’t “scared.” She vowed, “Give me a day or two, and I’ll be running the show over here, too. The queen stays queen.” Zeke and Ozzy immediately agreed to “blindside” the pair and get Sandra out. They and others decided Tai would be their decoy target, but he was skeptical and wanted to find yet another idol… and he did.

Meanwhile, Debbie thought she was in the “worst position” until she found out this season’s Exile Island was actually a fully-stocked yacht. “Game-changer in my favor,” she declared. After she got comfortable, she was surprised by Cochran, who won season 26. He revealed he was there as an “objective third party” to aid her game play. She welcomed his presence, but acted like she didn’t need any advice. Debbie broke down, though, when Cochran presented an “advantage option,” which allowed her to pick between a fake immunity idol, an extra vote, and an immunity challenge advantage. She chose the vote for security purposes, quipping, “Vote early, vote often!”

On Day 16, Zeke convinced Jeff that Nuku was targeting Tai, not him and Sandra. A distrustful Sandra still thought she was in jeopardy anyway and wanted to make sure their team won the immunity challenge. For that, the tribes had to do a water-based obstacle course before competing a puzzle on land. Mana won in record time, ensuring Nuku would be going to Tribal Council. One of them would be voted off, and Debbie would be added to their team.

Zeke was at least happy to have a chance to pull off their plan to get Sandra out. A suspicious Sandra tried to prove her worth and paint others as threats. “I can help you guys,” she promised. Sarah saw through it, and she, Ozzy, and others were resolved to stick with the scheme. But Tai told Jeff about the plan to vote off Sandra, and he of course told her. She then vowed to make sure it was Tai himself who would be going home while feigning resignation to her fate.

At the ceremony, Debbie returned to watch the proceedings as Tai and Sandra shockingly seemed to form an alliance. He announced their new target was Ozzy, prompting everyone to question the original plan and whether they should now vote out Tai. Zeke was distrustful, and even suspected Tai had an immunity idol. By the time it came to vote, it was unclear who was really in danger, but Sandra revealed she played Tai and cast her vote for him.

Given the chance, Tai did NOT play his idol. It was the right move, because when the votes were counted, it was two-time winner Sandra who was voted off. The original plan worked, and the queen does NOT stay queen anymore.

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