“Survivor: Game Changers” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Eighth And Ninth?

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Survivor Recap April 19 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap April 19 2017


On Wednesday’s two-hour “Survivor: Game Changers,” the tribes were merged into one and two contestants were voted off. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Jeff was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor” after he outed Zeke as transgender during Tribal Council. The new episode, called “There’s A New Sheriff In Town,” began on Day 19, the morning after that shocking moment. The Nuku members were still angry on Zeke’s behalf, but he felt “strengthened” going forward.

Nuku and Mana came upon a merge feast, but host Jeff Probst revealed one person from each tribe had to volunteer to not take part. If no one stepped up, the castaways would only get a cracker with cheese. For Mana, Brad volunteered to sit out and Tai offered for Nuku. With that, the two tribes were officially merged into a group of 13. The others were grateful but skeptical, wondering if Brad and Tai’s decisions were “calculated.”

The two men quickly formed an alliance, and Brad named Hali and Michaela as his targets. Debbie pretended to be drunk to make the others feel comfortable with her before they all settled into a joint camp. She apologized to Brad for snapping at him in a prior episode, and they seemingly made up. Brad got Ozzy and Troyzan on board to knock out Michaela. Zeke, who told everyone what happened with Jeff so all would be in the loop, initially agreed as word quickly spread to everyone about Michaela, but wondered if she would be useful as new alliances formed.

Hali felt on the outs and strategized with Michaela, telling her her name has come up. Michaela sought advice from Cirie, who told her to lose the attitude. The season’s first individual immunity challenge followed, in which each person had to stand as long as they could with a block on top of their head. Hali broke first within seconds, while more than 20 minutes later, Andrea proved to have the most endurance and won immunity.

Sierra was desperate to vote out Michaela and worried Hali had an idol. She devised a plan to have four vote for Hali with everyone else going against Michaela. She in turn was told the target was Zeke, but was suspicious, and Cirie leaned toward voting Hali to save her new pal. “Tonight’s vote is the opening shot in a war between two alliances,” said Zeke, who also questioned keeping Hali. Sierra wouldn’t budge, cockily saying, “There’s a new sheriff in town.”

At Tribal Council, it was unclear if Michaela, Hali or Zeke would go down as suggestive comments were made and Hali intimated she didn’t have an idol. After the votes were tallied, Hali was eliminated and became the first member of the “Game Changers” jury. In the second hour, on Day 22, Michaela was now resolved to work with Cirie going forward, and Cirie had Brad and Sierra as her new targets. Zeke, though, eyed Cirie and Andrea.

In a reward challenge, two teams of six had to retrieve pieces from the water and solve a puzzle. At stake was a “day of luxury,” with a shower and food. Sarah and Andrea were made captains, and Andrea’s team with Troyzan, Debbie, Zeke, Ozzy and Tai won. That left Sarah, Brad, Cirie, Sierra, Aubry, and Michaela as the losers.

Both Sierra and Cirie were ready to break down, while an elated Tai streaked in front of his fellow winners at the makeshift spa. Zeke used the separated time to “amass a team of snipers” against Andrea and Cirie. Debbie was distrustful, though she wanted to “make a big move.”

An immunity challenge on Day 24 required each competitor to hang on to a pole for as long as they could. Cirie dropped first. After more than hour, Tai beat Ozzy, winning safety. Brad predicted that night would bring a “crazy tribal” that could “dictate the rest of the season.” Zeke even said it was “the battle of my season” to get Andrea out, but Sierra was skeptical and wanted to get the numbers to ensure her own survival.

Andrea felt betrayed when she learned Zeke gave Sierra a heads-up that the others were gunning for her, and that made her, Ozzy, and Cirie now want to target Zeke. Unbeknownst to him, Sierra, too, wanted him gone, but agreed with Debbie’s plan to go after Ozzy in a blindside. “We will be massive game-changers tonight,” Debbie, who had her extra vote advantage, told the camera.

Sarah was torn between the anti-Ozzy and anti-Zeke camps, and said Tribal Council would draw a “line in the sand.” In front of Hali, the 12 contestants answered Jeff’s pointed questions before finally voting. But before he could tally them, Debbie revealed her extra vote, surprising everyone. Ultimately, Ozzy was voted out, and Zeke should probably be thanking Debbie for the double vote against him.

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