“Survivor: Game Changers” Recap: Who Was Voted Out Seventh?

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Survivor Recap April 12 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Recap April 12 2017


On Wednesday’s “Survivor: Game Changers,” another contestant was voted off as the competition started taking an emotional toll and a player was outed as transgender. Get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, two-time winner Sandra was eliminated on last week’s “Survivor,” during which the tribes went from three to two and Debbie was sent to Exile Island, which turned out to be a luxury yacht with an advantage prize. With presumed frontrunner Sandra gone, now 14 castaways remained, divided evenly between the Nuku and Mana tribes. The new installment, called “What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile” began after the elimination, with Debbie joining the Nuku tribe.

Debbie lied about her exile conditions to her team mates, telling the camera, “What happened on exile, stays on exile.” Since Tai threw Ozzy’s name out there at Tribal Council, there was tension brewing there. And blindsided by his ally’s exit, Jeff told the camera, “Those bitches, every damn one of them, I want to punch them all in the face.” But he led them, especially Zeke, to believe all was okay.

On Day 17, the tribes had to go through an obstacle course during a reward challenge. At stake was pizza and soda. An ecstatic Nuku won, in large part due to Ozzy. Mana’s Cirie took the loss hard, feeling “taxed” at this point in the game, as did Sierra and the others. Aubry and Brad even ended up in tears in as they all discussed how “hard” the experience is, and how it “changes” you the more it goes on.

Similarly, Ozzy felt the game was “wearing” on Nuku, but the pizza provided a much-needed boost. Jeff was still concerned about his safety, and decided to target Ozzy and align with Sarah, who thought it would be a game-changing move to get such a threat out. “It might be time to cut Ozzy’s throat,” she told the camera.

For the immunity challenge on Day 18, the teams had to complete tasks in the water and then solve a puzzle. Ozzy again helped Nuku dominate until they struggled with the puzzle, letting Mana to pull off an upset win. Now Jeff ws determined to “make everyone vote for Ozzy,” and requested one-on-one time with everyone to make his “pitch.”

Sarah also tried to get the others to vote out Ozzy, but Zeke and Andrea were “conflicted.” Zeke even told Jeff he had a “50 percent” chance of going home. Jeff then played Zeke against Sarah and Andrea, telling the girls he was working with Ozzy, making them question Zeke’s allegiance.

At Tribal Council, Jeff declared, “I know I’m going home tonight.” To Debbie, that just meant a “shock” was still to come. And Jeff indeed pitched for Ozzy to go, insisting he and Zeke had an alliance. And then the shock came: Jeff turned to Zeke and said, “Why haven’t you told everyone you’re transgender?” To Jeff, that secret was a “deception.”

To the rest of the teammates, that outing was an unforgivable low blow, and Andrea even cried. Zeke said in two seasons, he never told anyone about his identity. Ozzy told Jeff, “You should be ashamed with yourself for what you’re willing to do to get further in a game… You’re playing with people’s lives at this point.”

Jeff, who is gay, tried to apologize, saying, “I clearly have made the wrong choice tonight… I didn’t think that would be the reaction.” The openly-gay Tai said Jeff was “desperate,” but crossed a line. “Nobody should out anybody,” he said, and Andrea continued to cry over the “painful” revelation.

Even host Jeff Probst pointed out that Jeff “didn’t just tell six people; you told millions of people [on TV].” Zeke explained why he kept his transition to himself, and detailed why he’s just a “Survivor” player and not a TRANS “Survivor” player. Jeff continued trying damage control, which a tearful Sarah wasn’t buying at all. But she and Zeke thought there might be a “greater good” for the LGBT community and closed-minded people.

Eventually, Probst said, “There’s no question who’s going home tonight.” And when Jeff said, “I’m ready to go,” the host declared a vote wasn’t needed. Jeff’s torch was extinguished.

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