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Suri Cruise did not make any kind of "heartbreaking plea" to her estranged dad Tom Cruise, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop has learned the report is a fabrication, with a rep exclusively telling us, "Nothing in the story is true."

The new cover of Star claims it has the scoop on Suri's "heartbreaking plea to Tom after 1487 days part" and "4 years of tears." Inside the issue, the tabloid contends, "Desperately missing her dad, the 11-year-old asks her father a poignant, heartbreaking question: When can I see you?" But the article immediately gets off to a bad start by asserting that now that Suri's mom, Katie Holmes and "boyfriend" Jamie Foxx have "finally gone public with their under-the-radar romance, sources claim that Suri is missing her father more than ever." But Foxx and Holmes never went "public," as Gossip Cop has clarified multiple times, and their dynamic is not nearly as serious as portrayed by other outlets.

That sets up this cover story about Suri and Tom with a false premise. Then, claiming Suri "made a poignant plea to the MIA megastar," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Her sentiments were short but full of emotion. She asked if she'd done something to make him stay away and the begged him to come and visit." Tellingly, though, neither the "source" nor the tabloid say when exactly this "plea" was made or through what mode of communication. The gossip magazine goes on to speculate that "Tom likely still Skypes and talks to his daughter," but if there's really a "source," shouldn't it actually know for sure, one way or the other, if he does?

The outlet further alleges Holmes has "tried to explain her ex's absence by telling her that his movie-making schedule leaves him little time to jet back and forth from his filming locations to be with her." The supposed snitch, however, asserts, "But [Suri's] a smart cookie and knows that Tom hangs out with his older children, Connor and Isabella." And this purported insider claims to have some insight on Tom, too, but really just makes guesses, offering speculative statements like, "I believe something changed in him after he learned just how heartbroken Suri still is," and "Tom may be considering asking the church [of Scientology] to make an exception and let him have a face-to-face visit with his little girl soon."

Again, shouldn't this "source" know for sure? The reason why this alleged tipster doesn't is quite simple: The "source" here is either not truly in-the-know at all or a work of fiction, someone who was invented by the publication to give faux credence to its contentions. But it's clear this specious "source" is clueless, given that he or she also says Cruise "did attend [Suri's] orientation in New York City two years ago." Wait, so the actor went to his Suri's school two years ago, but hasn't seen his daughter in four years? That never actually happened and neither did Suri's supposed "plea" to her dad.

"Nothing in the story is true," a rep for Holmes confirms to Gossip Cop exclusively. The spokesperson tells us Star was also informed that its claims are "100 percent inaccurate," but it appears the tabloid purposely did not include the official comments to make the story more salacious and to sell magazines. The rep further says, "It's unfortunate [the publication] put a child, who is a private citizen, on the cover." Gossip Cop has included the cover image above to illustrate how the tabloid is shamefully using the minor for profit, despite the #NoKidsPolicy, which calls for the media to refrain from buying paparazzi photos of children.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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