Is Suri Cruise really begging her mom Katie Holmes to dump Jamie Foxx? A new tabloid story claims the 12-year-old wants the relationship to end. Gossip Cop can bust the phony report.

Woman's Day Australia quotes a so-called "insider" as saying, "Suri's old beyond her years and thinks Jamie's treating her mum badly, which of course she hates." Gossip Cop must note that no one close to the American Suri and Holmes would refer to the actress as a "mum," as opposed to a "mom." More importantly, no one in their world would talk to a gossip magazine about Holmes' daughter to begin with.

But the outlet wants readers to believe it has insight on the tween, and how she's "had enough" of her mother's "on-again, off-again romance" with Foxx. "As much as Jamie makes an effort with Suri, she sees the pain he causes when he goes days or weeks without answering her mum's calls. Plus she overhears Katie moaning to friends about his flirting," contends the untraceable source.

The alleged tipster goes to assert to the publication, "She's really protective of her mum and Jamie's starting to realize it's not just Katie he has to convince. He has to win over Suri again — and that's a lot tougher." As readers may recall, last week the tabloid claimed Foxx betrayed Holmes by dining with another woman. That's presumably why he supposedly needs to "win over" mother and daughter again. But as Gossip Cop previously explained, there was no real fall-out from Foxx's rather innocent meal, and there's no reason why Suri would even be aware with whom the actor eats.

In fact, earlier this year People reported that when it comes to Foxx and Holmes meeting each other's kids, he "hasn't spent much time" with Suri. The pair have never been seen together, and the magazine can't provide any examples of how he "makes an effort" with her, or what he allegedly plans to do "win over Suri again." What's also notable is that the outlet makes no mention of Holmes getting back together with Joshua Jackson.

That was the premise of a story the publication peddled in April, even claiming Jackson "met Suri and they were adorable playing together." In this new tale, about how Suri supposedly wants her mom to ditch Foxx and find "someone who shows her more respect," nothing is said about Jackson at all. The articles are inconsistent, as well as unsubstantiated, because they're made-up. And while Holmes' rep declined to comment, a confidante tells Gossip Cop on background that it's "not true" Suri is objecting to her mom's relationship with Foxx.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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