Suri Cruise NOT Starting Acting Career, Despite Report

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Suri Cruise Acting Career

By Andrew Shuster |

Suri Cruise Acting Career

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Suri Cruise is not embarking on an acting career at the age of 11, despite a made-up report in one of this week’s new tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim.

An article in the latest issue of the National Enquirer claims the young girl wants to follow in the footsteps of famous parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes by becoming a Hollywood star. A supposed “source” tells the magazine Holmes isn’t crazy about the idea of her daughter going into show business, but she’s supporting her anyway because “Suri is old enough now to start trying different things, so Katie’s been tutoring her on all things thespian.”

The outlet’s dubious insider adds, “She wants Suri to be known for her skills, not her name or her looks – so she’s also signed her up for one-on-one classes with a top-tier New York acting coach.” The questionable source continues, “Suri is also getting singing and music classes. Katie figures if her daughter is going to do this, she should do it right.”

But Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Holmes, who exclusively assures us she isn’t preparing her daughter to become an actress, and the magazine’s story is simply “not true.” Performing is obviously in the young girl’s genes, so she could potentially catch the acting bug at some point in the future, but the 11-year-old isn’t currently embarking on a career in the entertainment industry.

In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve had to call out the Enquirer for publishing a bogus report surrounding Suri’s nonexistent acting career. Gossip Cop previously busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Holmes yelled at Cruise after he supposedly offered their daughter a movie role. The publication’s latest article is similarly bogus.

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