Super Tuesday “Lie Witness News”: Jimmy Kimmel Asks How People Voted In Non-Primary State California (VIDEO)

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super tuesday lie witness news

By Michael Lewittes |

super tuesday lie witness news


Jimmy Kimmel tricked people on Hollywood Boulevard into talking about how they voted on Super Tuesday, though, there was no primary in California. Still, people in Los Angeles had no problem talking about who they voted for, what the lines were like at their polling stations, as well as commenting on a number of made-up methods for casting votes these days, including holograms and blinking. See Kimmel’s Super Tuesday edition of “Lie Witness News” below.

Kimmel introduced the segment by saying, “Today was ‘Super Tuesday’ in which 13 states participated in primary elections. California was not one of them, but that didn’t stop pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard from claiming that they voted today in another hilarious edition of ‘Lie Witness News.'”

It started with a guy saying he voted for Hillary Clinton, and that the lines at his polling station were “pretty crazy.” Asked whether he voted via the new holograph technology, he said he hadn’t because he was “skeptical” of it. Another man on the street claimed he voted for Donald Trump because he “has a good view.” He further noted his voting station was “kind of packed,” and while it’s the “age of technology,” he didn’t use the new “blinking” method because he was afraid votes could be “manipulated.”

A woman, who claimed she voted for Clinton, said her polling station was “crowded,” and that she was given juice as a thank-you for voting, but turned down the chocolate chip cookies. And another woman, who said she supported Bernie Sanders, talked about how she re-registered for Super Tuesday. She offered that there was a “buzzy excitement” and a “lot of people out voting” at her polling station.

One man, who had no problem saying he pulled the lever for Trump, was asked how much he was charged to vote at his polling station, and replied $10. And while that guy told the interviewer he had to pay, a woman, when questioned about the swag she received, recalled how she was given “a great coffee mug.” That woman, like a few other respondents, was given an “I lied” sticker by Kimmel’s interviewer.

Watch the funny Super Tuesday edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” below.


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