Stars React To Super Bowl 50: See Celebrity Reactions To 2016 Game And Halftime Show!

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Stars React Super Bowl 50

By Andrew Shuster |

Stars React Super Bowl 50

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Super Bowl 50 is being watched by many stars, who are reacting to the big game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, as well as the halftime show with Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars. See celebrity reactions to the 2016 Super Bowl below!

Adding color commentary was Michael Keaton, who tweeted, “He (Peyton) needs to get it in the end zone!! 3s are nice but…” Also humorously critical of one of the quarterbacks was Albert Brooks, who joked, “It’s great that it’s halftime cause someone can tell Cam Newton it’s the Super Bowl.” Reese Witherspoon, on the other hand, said, “Ironically, I always do the Cam Newton endzone dance after I nail a great take.”

Meanwhile, Debra Messing noted, “The Broncos defense is unstoppable,” and Maria Menounos expressed, “This game is awesome to watch.” But one notable celebrity who disagreed about the game’s entertainment value was Donald Trump, who wrote, “So far the Super Bowl is very boring – not nearly as exciting as politics – MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Joking about the outcome of the coin toss, David Spade quipped, “Sh*t. Tails. I just lost 50 million.” Khloe Kardashian responded to a fan who asked if “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” was airing in its regularly scheduled time slot, and explained, “No KUWTK today love. It’s all about the super bowl.”

There were a few celebrities, however, who weren’t particularly interested in the big game. Sarah Silverman tweeted, “I’m walking my dog & it sounds like people are gathered in every other house I pass. Is there some kind of event happening?” An uninterested Andy Cohen said, “If i skip the rest of the game will you tell me what happens?” Slightly confused or simply strident Texan Demi Lovato added, “GO COWBOYS!!!!”

A ton of celebrities were even more excited about the halftime show with Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars than they were about the game itself. Sarah Michelle Gellar joked, “So nice of these padded men to play this game as an intro for [the halftime performers].” Taylor Swift tweeted, “OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD I FEEL LIKE I DREAMED IT.” Ellen DeGeneres expressed, “That was the best halftime show ever. Believe in love,” and John Stamos admitted, “Color my ass a deep shade of impressed.”

Beyonce fans Jenny McCarthy and Anna Kendrick weighed in on the singer’s halftime performance, respectively writing, “I think I would spend one night in hell just to be @Beyonce for one day,” and “Every time Beyonce performs it adds five years to my life.” Meanwhile, Elizabeth Banks particularly enjoyed the National Anthem, saying, “Lady Gaga/troops/flyover made me cry.” Gossip Cop will update as more stars react to Super Bowl 50.


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