‘Suicide Squad’ Reviews: Fans React To Critics Negative Response

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Suicide Squad Reviews Fans React

By Andrew Shuster |

Suicide Squad Reviews Fans React

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The first Suicide Squad reviews were released on Tuesday, and unfortunately, they’re not very good. Fans are now reacting on Twitter to the majority of critics panning the highly-anticipated film. See fan reactions to the bad reviews below!

The DC Comics adaptation focuses on a group of supervillains who are recruited by a secret government agency to complete a dangerous mission in return for their freedom. But despite the promising premise and an all-star cast that includes Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne, reviewers have had mostly negative things to say so far. Some of the more scathing keywords being tossed around by various critics on Rotten Tomatoes to describe the movie include “a mess,” “a chore,” “more of the same,” “a noisy, murky dud,” “dull and uninspired,’ and “bland, boring, and sometimes borderline incoherent.”

One disappointed fan expressed on Twitter, “Super sad about these Suicide Squad reviews I’m reading,” while another person said, “If suicide squad ends up being bad the devastation will be overwhelming.” And one user darkly joked, “suicide squad’s reviews make me want to commit suicide.” Meanwhile, another individual wasn’t particularly shocked by the negative reception, saying, “Not surprised that Suicide Squad is getting bad reviews, just saying.”

However, many more fans insisted they would still see the movie and decide for themselves. “All of these negative reviews for Suicide Squad aren’t going to stop me watching it,” expressed one fan. Another user said, “The bad suicide squad reviews concern me a little but I’ll make up my own mind when I see it in a few days thanks.”

A couple of fans noted that the film’s previews have received an overwhelmingly positive reception, with one writing, “Judging by the reviews for Suicide Squad I set my expectations way too high for the movie, such a shame seeing as the trailers were so sick!” Another person said, “Still watching Suicide Squad though and if it’s not good I’m gonna just go home & watch all those fantastic trailers.”

One individual kept their hopes up in light of the bad reviews, offering, “Can’t trust the SUICIDE SQUAD reviews because there’s a very real chance the critics were all driven insane by how twisted it is.” And another fan decided everyone was putting too much stock into what the critics have to say, insisting, “Ignore the negative reviews and go see Suicide Squad anyway. Just be entertained!” Suicide Squad hits theaters on Friday.

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