Stevie Wonder Mocks National Enquirer Cover Story Claiming He “Can See” On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (VIDEO)

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Stevie Wonder Mocks National Enquirer Jimmy Kimmel Live

By Holly Nicol |

Stevie Wonder Mocks National Enquirer Jimmy Kimmel Live


Stevie Wonder mocked the National Enquirer on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for wrongly claiming in a fabricated cover story that the “once-sightless superstar” can “see again.” Watch the full video below!

The musician appeared on Tuesday’s late night show to give the entire audience tickets to the Tidal X Benefit concert for Puerto Rico relief, but not before mocking the publication’s latest piece of fiction about him allegedly being cured of blindness. As Gossip Cop reported, the supermarket tabloid falsely claimed in an absurd cover story that Wonder “can see again” after a miraculous surgery.

In the tall tale, the often disproven outlet ridiculously asserted that the singer had “undergone a secret, high-tech procedure that has given him some vision.” Of course, the procedure, an “amazing marvel of medical science,” never happened. A rep for Wonder denied there was any truth to the report, as the star is still blind.

Interrupting Kimmel, who kicked off a week of live shows in Brooklyn on Monday, Wonder surprised the audience by sitting in a bus shelter holding a copy of the Enquirer. Holding the issue in clear view of the camera and confirming Gossip Cop’s bust, the star joked, “So, I’m just sitting here, reading about me being able to see.” And referring to the Tidal charity concert, which raises money for those affected by natural disasters, he amusingly added, “You know what? If they would spend as much time talking about what I can do than [what] I can’t, [they’d] raise money for this benefit. Do something.” Watch the full video below!

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