Steven Tyler NOT Engaged, Despite Claim

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Steven Tyler engaged

By Shari Weiss |

Steven Tyler engaged

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Steven Tyler is NOT engaged, despite an entirely false story claiming he may be marrying Aimee Ann Preston. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight.

HollywoodLife is among the outlets speculating Tyler is set to wed, with a headline stating, “Steven Tyler, 68, Engaged To Girlfriend Aimee Ann Preston, 28? See Her Stunning Ring.” The piece begins, “Congratulations to Steven Tyler and Aimee Ann Preston — we think! The couple were strolling the red carpet at a UN event on December 3, and Aimee was wearing a gorgeous ring on THAT finger!”

“So is this a hint?” asks the webloid, noting the couple “looked like they had something to get off their chests,” and Preston “posed for the cameras while pointedly showing off her left side — and her left hand.” The story goes on, “Aimee was wearing a beautiful ring on her left ring finger, and we smell an engagement!”

The site further notes, “It’s a non-traditional take on the engagement ring, and what would you expect from someone like Steven?” The bad blog acknowledges “there’s always a chance that Aimee has just picked the worst finger to wear a diamond ring on,” but then asserts, “It would be about time that he proposed!”

It’s actually about time (or long past) that HollywoodLies started fact-checking. The outlet chose to sensationalize a straight-forward red carpet appearance into an engagement announcement without bothering to find out if its assumptions were accurate. And they’re not. Gossip Cop is exclusively told that the engagement claims are “speculation” and a “fabrication.”

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Steven Tyler is engaged to marry Aimee Ann Preston.


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