Steven Avery: My Brothers Are Responsible For Teresa Halbach’s Murder

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Steven Avery Murder Brothers

By Michael Lewittes |

Steven Avery Murder Brothers

(Manitowoc County Police Department)

Steven Avery believes that not only did his two brothers commit the murder for which he is currently serving a life sentence, but that they framed him for it as well. Avery, whose story has played out on the Netflix series “Making a Murderer,” made the shocking claims in newly-uncovered legal documents.

The documents were filed in 2009, two years after Avery was convicted for the murder of Teresa Halbach. He claims his two brothers, Earl and Charles, had an ongoing pattern of sexually assaulting women. Separate court records show Earl had previously pleaded no contest to the sexual assault of his two daughters, while Charles was once charged with sexual assault after allegedly trying to choke his wife with a phone cord before holding her down and forcibly having sex with her.

Avery also claims Charles had repeatedly harassed women who had stopped by the family’s junkyard. One woman even complained to cops because Charles repeatedly showed up at her doorstep, called her constantly, and mailed flowers and money to her home on several occasions. The unearthed documents also claim that a separate woman reported Charles wouldn’t stop coming by her home, while another woman said he repeatedly drove by her house and called her.

Avery’s legal filing goes on to speculate that his brothers framed him over money. He claims they were jealous he was about to potentially receive $36 million for wrongfully spending 18 years behind bars on a sexual assault charge, and notes they were also in dispute over the family’s junkyard business. According to TMZ, which obtained the documents, Avery further alleges all of these incidents occurred around the time Halbach disappeared.


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