Steven Avery Brother Chuck: I Didn’t Kill Teresa Halbach

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Steven Avery Brother Chuck

By Michael Lewittes |

Steven Avery Brother Chuck

(Steven Avery – Calumet County Jail)

Steven Avery’s brother Chuck is slamming new claims on Wednesday that he may have been responsible for the murder of Teresa Halbach and had framed Steven over money disputes. Chuck categorically denies his brother’s allegations, and claims the family has moved on from Steven’s murder conviction, which has been chronicled in the Netflix documentary series “Making A Murderer.”

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, in newly surfaced legal documents that were originally filed in 2009, Steven accused his two brothers, Chuck and Earl, of possibly being responsible for Halbach’s murder. He also claimed his siblings framed him, stemming from disputes over the family’s junkyard business, and because they were jealous of the millions he was on the verge of receiving from a wrongful imprisonment lawsuit. The documents further state that both Chuck and Earl had histories of sexual assault, with Chuck once pleading no contest after allegedly pinning his wife down, choking her with a phone cord, and forcibly having sex with her.

Chuck is now fighting back against the new report, unearthed by TMZ. He says he was angry that his own brother accused him of murder, but denies framing him over arguments related to the family’s junkyard business, which he’s owned for 25 years and claims he intended on making Steven a partner in. Chuck also disputes that he sexually assaulted his ex-wife, but doesn’t give a reason why he pleaded no contest in that case.

As far s Chuck is concerned, the uncovered legal documents are practically ancient history since he says his family has moved on from the accusations. Check back with Gossip Cop for further updates on this ongoing story.


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