Steve-O Walks Out Of Interview Over Sandra Bullock Question: That’s “Disrespectful” To Kat Von D (AUDIO)

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Steve O Sandra Bullock Walks Out Interview

By Andrew Shuster |

Steve O Sandra Bullock Walks Out Interview

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Steve-O walked out of a radio interview on Friday after the host brought up Sandra Bullock’s link to his girlfriend Kat Von D, who was briefly engaged to motorcycle builder Jesse James following his and Bullock’s tumultuous divorce. Listen to the audio below!

The “Jackass” star stopped by “The Wease Show” in Rochester, New York to promote his upcoming gig at a local comedy club when the conversation got a bit awkward. Referencing Von D’s connection to Bullock, host Wease said, “We’re proud to have three degrees from Sandra Bullock.” An annoyed Steve-O responded, “I’m not going there. Just stop that.”

Wease then said to his co-hosts, “I think he’s pissed,” adding, “I’m detecting a bad attitude [towards me] for bringing up that lady.” But Steve-O insisted, “No, it’s all good. I’m not mad at you.” However, the host wouldn’t drop the topic and told the TV personality he believed “nothing was off limits.” Steve-O responded, “You’re messing with my girl. I take that as blatant disrespect to my girl.”

Despite Steve-O being anxious to move on, the host continued to press the issue. “We’re just gonna bring it up and rehash it?” the “Jackass” star asked. “Now it’s just like you’re upsetting me on purpose.” With that, he promoted his comedy club appearance, told the hosts, “Thanks so much,” and promptly left the studio. Listen to the entire exchange below!


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