Did Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie walk out on the TV host after he got "too close" to Kris Jenner? That was the premise behind a story that was published by two outlets a year ago. At the time, Gossip Cop reported it was untrue, and now it's even more clear how false the claim was.

According to pieces from both RadarOnline and the National Enquirer, the Harveys' marriage was in serious jeopardy, thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch. The sister outlets alleged 12 months ago that Majorie was getting tired of Steve and Jenner constantly texting and calling each other. It was even asserted the talk show host and Jenner had gotten so "close" that his wife "walked out" on him and was contemplating divorce.

Gossip Cop noted 365 days ago how there was no proof at all that there was anything inappropriate going on between Jenner and the television personality. As we pointed out then, Jenner is actually a good friend of Majorie's and never crossed any line whatsoever with the "Family Feud" host. And, of course, a full year has passed and the Harveys have not split up nor has he been subsequently linked to Jenner, despite those off-base reports.

On the contrary, the couple remains in love. In fact, after shooting his final episode of "Family Feud" for this season this past Thursday, Steve excitedly posted on Instagram that he was heading out "on vacation with the baddest chick in the world @marjorie_harvey!" And a week and a half earlier, on his and his wife's 12th wedding anniversary, Steve wrote on Instagram, "Happy anniversary to the chick of my dreams @marjorie_harvey."

For her part, on Friday Marjorie uploaded a photo on Instagram of her and Steve standing in front of a private jet, along with a caption that reads, "Harvey Anniversary trip." Far from those stories a year ago about Steve Harvey being in a "$400 million divorce" because of Jenner, he and his wife are unquestionably very much together. Still, following those two tales, there were more inaccurate articles about the Harveys getting divorced.

Incredibly, not content with being wrong just once, the Enquirer doubled down 11 days later with a second misguided report that Gossip Cop corrected about Steve Harvey getting a divorce because of Jenner. And RadarOnline also tried to capitalize with another article later about "divorce rumors" surrounding Steve Harvey.

But, as Gossip Cop likes to remind readers, a lie that's repeated is still a lie, and time always reveals what's fact and what's fiction. Additionally, the reason we reexamine stories from a year ago is to show visitors how other outlets' claims have held up over time, and to help them figure out who they can and cannot trust for reliable information about different celebrities. In this instance, it's obvious the RadarOnline and Enquirer articles (and their Harvey sources) were 100 percent wrong, and that the couple is not getting divorced because of Jenner.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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