Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez Calls Out Steve Harvey For Mispronouncing Her Name – WATCH!

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Miss Colombia Steve Harvey Interview

By Michael Lewittes |

Miss Colombia Steve Harvey Interview


Steve Harvey is continuing to get it wrong when it comes to Miss Colombia. Ariadna Gutierrez appeared on the “Steve Harvey Show” on Tuesday to address his infamous Miss Universe flub, but he kept mispronouncing her name in the interview. Watch the video below.

During the taped interview, Harvey repeatedly refers to Gutierrez as “Ariana.” She eventually stops Harvey midway through the interview and tells him, “You keep making mistakes. It’s not Ariana. It’s Ariadna.” The talk show this time blames his crew, explaining, “In the tape, they had me say Ariana. Then on this intro, they changed it backstage and I told them Ariadna. Then I called the lady over there and told her, ‘What you had me read the other day was Ariana.” Harvey then notes, “I’m fixing to mess up a few more names after this. I don’t really do names good, but I got yours right the second time.”

Gutierrez also debunks the rumor that she was planning to sue Harvey over his Miss Universe gaffe. She tells him Miss Universe host, “I never thought of suing you,” but admits that “a lot of lawyers wanted me to do that… They only want publicity.” Watch Gutierrez call Harvey out for getting her name wrong and addressing the lawsuit rumors below.


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