Steve Harvey In “$400 Million Divorce” Because Of Kris Jenner Is Fake News

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Steve Harvey Divorce

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Steve Harvey Divorce

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The National Enquirer is continuing to spread fake news about Steve Harvey getting a “$400 million divorce over Kris Jenner.” Gossip Cop already debunked this untrue tabloid claim with clear evidence nearly two weeks ago. But now the magazine is trying to further dupe readers by publishing it online on Tuesday.

On July 6, Gossip Cop fact-checked a National Enquirer article that contended Harvey’s wife Marjorie “walked out because he was getting too close” to Jenner. An untraceable “source” was quoted as saying, “There was a huge blowout fight and Marjorie walked out threatening divorce.” Gossip Cop pointed out a host of problems with these allegations.

For starters, Jenner and Marjorie are close friends, as both the momager and Harvey himself made clear during the Kardashians’ appearance on “Celebrity Family Feud,” which aired last month. The supermarket tabloid did not acknowledge this, likely because it doesn’t fit its narrative, which strongly suggests there is something inappropriate going on between Jenner and Harvey that is leading to the demise of his marriage. But his relationship is far from over. As opposed to moving toward a “$400 million divorce,” Majorie celebrated their anniversary on Instagram just days before this fabrication was published. And Harvey, too, marked the milestone on Instagram. She even said they still have a “lifetime to go” together.

There was an abundance of proof the couple isn’t splitting, especially not due to Jenner. But now more than a week after our debunking, on July 17 the magazine posted its print story online. The outlet wrongly declares on its website, “Steve Harvey is facing a $400 million divorce bombshell — as his wife walked out because [the] two-faced star was getting too close to showbiz pal Kris Jenner.” The publication deems this a “real-life family feud,” and repeats the disputed allegations from its original article.

On the site, the misinformation is presented in a photo gallery format, so that the tabloid gains traffic as readers click through each of the slides. That seems to be the only reason the bogus claims were posted online: To be clickbait, despite the inaccuracy. The magazine offers no new evidence that its divorce contentions are suddenly true. On the contrary, there’s now additional proof that they aren’t.

The Harveys have spent the last few days documenting an overseas vacation on their social media pages, with Harvey two days ago posting on Instagram an image of Majorie snuggling up to him on a yacht. On Majorie’s own Instagram, she shared a picture of Harvey with the flirtatious caption, “Ok daddy.” There is no divorce on the horizon. The couple is quite literally sailing off into the sunset. But the tabloid clearly rather trick fans than tell the truth.


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