Steve Harvey Attacked With Racist Tweets After Miss Universe Winner Flub

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Steve Harvey Racist Tweets Miss Universe

By Shari Weiss |

Steve Harvey Racist Tweets Miss Universe

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Steve Harvey was attacked with racist tweets after his Miss Universe flub on Sunday night. As Gossip Cop reported, Harvey mistakenly crowned Miss Colombia as the pageant’s winner, when Miss Philippines had actually won Miss Universe 2015.

An online backlash began almost immediately, with the first-time host getting dragged on social media. Disturbingly, though, many of the tweets were hate messages with racial epithets.

Multiple tweets included the n-word, with one reading, “@IAmSteveHarvey F*cking n*gger! You don’t know how to read! F*cking monkey! F*ck you! Colombia won.” Other similar messages also used derogatory terms to blast Harvey for misspelling both Colombia and Philippines in his original apology tweet. Harvey has not addressed the hateful tweets, but has used Twitter to individually thank some celebrity friends who have come to his defense.

Donald Trump, who owned the Miss Universe pageant until earlier this year, is also defending Harvey. As Gossip Cop reported earlier, the presidential candidate praised Harvey on Monday’s “Today,” noting that “things happen” during live television. Harvey, of course, is no stranger to hosting, but neither his talk show nor “Family Feud” air live.

And while certainly embarrassing and unfortunate for all involved, the incident is unlikely to affect his career in the long term. It’s also worth noting some critical remarks were addressed to Montel Williams, who tweeted in response, “Mistaking me for Steve Harvey isn’t racist people. I’m flattered to be mistaken for my friend. It’s funny, not racist.” Tell us what YOU think in the comments below.


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