Stephen Colbert Has Young Girl Read Letter To Donald Trump On “Late Show” (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert Kid Letter Trump

By Shari Weiss |

Stephen Colbert Kid Letter Trump


Stephen Colbert had a young girl named Nora read a letter to Donald Trump on Friday’s “Late Show.” But it wasn’t exactly fan mail. Watch the video below.

Earlier this week, new press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders began a press briefing by reading aloud a letter Trump received from a 9-year-old boy named Dylan. The child, who said everyone calls him “Pickle,” wrote about his love for the president, and revealed he even had a Trump-themed birthday party. Many were skeptical that the kid was real, but his mom confirmed his identity to the Washington Post.

Still, others took issue with Sanders spending time on the letter at the press briefing, in which she avoided answering multiple questions and ultimately cut the session short. Now on the week-ending “Late Show,” Colbert rattled off all of this week’s important political issues, and then cracked that Sanders “cleared everything up by reading a letter from a random kid.” In response to the boy having a Trump-themed party, he asked, “Is there a wall around the pinanta? Do you blow out the candles or do some nice Russian ladies, let’s say, extinguish them?” He also warned Pickle to be “careful” about being friends with Trump, quipping, “I know one little boy, little Jeffie Sessions, who wrote the same letter last year, and he regrets it.”

Before bringing out Nora, Colbert said, “All you frustrated reporters, if you want your questions answered, there’s only one way to do it.” That is, have them asked in a letter written by a kid. She began by saying, “Dear President: My name is Nora, but everyone calls me Mustard. You’re my favorite current president. Anyway, I was wondering, does the attorney general enjoy your full support? And how do you plan to implement the ban on transgender people currently serving in the military? Will those on active duty be called home? Sounds like a logistical nightmare!”

Nora continued, “One more thing, are you a puppet of Vladimir Putin? I love puppets!” She amusingly added, “P.S., People say we have the same hands!” Watch the video below.

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