Stephen Colbert Gives Hilarious Winter Storm Jonas Safety Tips (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert Winter Storm Jonas Video

By Shari Weiss |

Stephen Colbert Winter Storm Jonas Video


Stephen Colbert has some hilarious safety tips to help people get through Winter Storm Jonas. Check out the video below!

At the end of Friday’s “Late Show,” Colbert told viewers, “It means so much that you’ve decided to spend your last few hours alive with me. Because as we speak, a massive winter storm is bearing down on the East Coast, and it is threatening full-city shut-downs, deadly commutes, an 80 percent chance of attack by white walkers.”

“Winter is coming,” the host amusingly whispered in a “Game of Thrones” reference. He then said, “Everyone’s predicting a monster storm, so hold your loved ones close, because you need to cut them open and crawl inside them for warmth. If they love you, they’ll be fine with it.”

Colbert continued, “And there’s a terrifying name for this storm: Winter Storm Jonas. Jonas is going to hit us with the reckless intensity of a child star going through puberty. He’s super cute at the same time!” The funny man then offered a “few tips.”

“Stock up on essentials,” he advised. “At this point, all the water and canned goods have been stripped from the supermarket shelves by the panicking people. So just go for whatever’s left, like vanilla extract, okay? It’s got a lot more alcohol than you think. Ride out the storm — you’ll get hammered, and you’ll smell like Christmas!”

But that’s wasn’t the only advice Colbert dished. Watch and laugh below!


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