Stephen Colbert Jokes: Taylor Swift Should Be Thrown In Volcano (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert Taylor Swift Volcano

By Shari Weiss |

Stephen Colbert Taylor Swift Volcano


Stephen Colbert made a weird joke about Taylor Swift on Friday’s “Late Show,” saying she should be thrown into a volcano. Watch below.

Colbert opened the week-ending episode of his program by reflecting on the aftermath of the presidential election, and noting many are wondering how Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. “How did we get here?” the host said. “What is the moral GPS that led us to this cliff?”

He went on to ask, “How did Trump win? Was this the revenge of the white working-class voters? Was Hillary Clinton complacent on the campaign trail? Did we anger the volcano gods?” The TV personality then said, “I knew we should’ve thrown Taylor Swift in there. I said that. Just chuck her in. Yeah.”

Colbert’s audience first seemed taken aback by the crack, but then cheered. He assured the crowd, “[We] woulda missed her.” But no context was given for the dig, and he moved right on. It was unclear if Colbert’s quip was meant to be about needing to sacrifice someone to keep those “volcano gods” happy, or if his joke was intended to imply that Swift somehow played a role in Trump’s victory, and thus, they should’ve gotten rid of her in advance.

It’s worth noting that the odd remarks, whatever Colbert meant, come after an article falsely claiming Swift voted for Trump went viral. As Gossip Cop noted, the story cobbled together out-of-context quotes and even things the singer didn’t say to wrongly allege she confirmed her support for Trump. In actuality, Swift has not weighed in on the election, besides urging people to vote in general. See Colbert’s joke in the video below.


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